Last Call Brittany June 25th: S-E-X (GASP)


Click here if you are having trouble viewing this video. Tonight's episode is heavy on the NSFW. Proceed with caution... you know you want to! … [Read More...]

Fat Girl Job Clarification

dr oz

When I was on Dr. Oz last month, I was attacked pretty heavily for my weight. … [Read More...]



Real talk. I've already canceled a dental appointment for today because I started my period and couldn't find my eyebrow tweezers. … [Read More...]

Last Call Brittany June 18th: No Regrets


Click here if you are having trouble viewing this video. Brittany Gibbons, host Panel: Jess Elaine, Rachel Smith, Da'Neil Spencer & Shauna Glenn … [Read More...]

Camp Throwback… CHECK

CTB 2015

Click here to purchase tickets for Camp Throwback 2016! I have been home for only three days in the last two weeks. I haven't done laundry or gone to the grocery in 14 days. I don't think I've even shaved my legs in my own shower in as long. And it's for the best reasons ever. … [Read More...]

No Title, Just Me Screaming and Holding Your Hands and Jumping In The Air

unnamed (1)

Everywhere I went, I was asked the same question. Sooo... what is this book is about? And then I give a perfectly wonderful answer about it being a funny memoir of my life as a fat girl and then growing up and being something great. But the truth is, the book is more about what I can't say on … [Read More...]

The Big Day

may 19

It's 6am on Tuesday May 19th. I'm the first one awake, watching the sun come up, on the day my book comes out.  Nope. Still not used to saying that part. As of today, any one of you can walk into a book store, pick up the book with my photo on it, and read pages and pages of my deepest … [Read More...]

408 Months


My friend recently had a baby boy, and he's adorable. With each growing month, she puts up a new photo of the little prince touting his accomplishments, which developmental stages he's powering through, and noting what he currently loves and hates at that moment in his life. Why don't we do this … [Read More...]

Camp Throwback Spring Break Sale… I’m Not Even Joshing You.


The first session of Camp Throwback is in less than 60 days and it's beyond sold out. Bummer, you know, unless you already have your ticket. If you didn't, like, what's your damage? Listen, if you missed out, I'm going to help you out really quick. In celebration of our new August session and … [Read More...]

A Bikini Three-Way

Color Block

I have gained probably 30 pounds since the very first time I wore a bikini on the internet 3 years ago. Writing a book can do that to you... I keep telling myself. You would think that would mean it'd be even harder to find one that I love and felt comfortable in... but the opposite is true. I can't … [Read More...]

The Girl’s Girl


Yesterday my friend Loren said something incredibly kind about me. She called me a "girl's girl." Someone that fights to level the girl playing field, and reminding each other that we're on the same team and we need to look out for each other. This is Loren and I before Field Day at Camp Throwback. … [Read More...]