805, 2019

I’m Fine. (A lie.)

May 8th, 2019|8 Comments

Honestly, I thought the number was eight.

When I have a kid that turns eight, I’ll freak out.

“Oh my god, my babies are almost adults and going to leave me!” I’d wail, sprawled out across a Victorian fainting couch.

But when Jude turned eight, and I woke up that morning and breathed in and out, and it was fine.

Then I moved my arbitrary goal post to the 7th grade.

When I have a kid in Junior High (which apparently is a school term they don’t use anymore, and just call the whole thing middle school), I will absolutely spazz out.

“I’m basically almost going to be a grandmother!” I’d sob into Andy’s chest.

But, then Jude hit 7th grade, Wyatt hit 6th, and the world spun madly on.

I didn’t move my goalpost after that; I settled in and enjoyed the half-adults I was suddenly surrounded with.

“Every year is my new favorite year!” I’d chirp to myself.

Vacations are a blast, and watching TV together is tons more enjoyable. The homework sucks, and going out to eat is more expensive, but the conversation is way better, so at least there’s that.

And then today Jude turned 13 and I woke up not okay.

That’s a lie, I didn’t wake up not okay, because that would imply that I slept, which I did not.

The baggage here, well, there’s a lot of it.

*points to the suitcase next to the stairs that still is not unpacked from my last trip a few months ago*

But, the thing I keep coming back to the most, is that while you can’t throw a rock at the internet and not hit an article about parenting little kids, when it comes to teenagers, it seems to largely be a “shhhhh, you’ll figure it out when you get there” situation. And that’s not good news, because teenagers are basically toddlers that you can’t put diapers on.

To be honest, I don’t even know how I got here so fast.

“I have three little kids.” I smile at the nurse prepping me for surgery.

Andy laughed in the chair next to me, and I looked over at him as he questionably crinkled his forehead. And then I thought about my boys; hairy and towering and borrowing my size 10 shoes.

How does this happen in only three seconds?

“I guess they aren’t little.” I said […]

2011, 2018

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