1505, 2020

Summer Movie Bucket List 2020

May 15th, 2020|9 Comments

We’re a family who eats in the living room around a coffee table. We keep napkins hidden in a drawer under the tv, and use the kitchen table to stack pots of succulents and mail we don’t feel like opening. 

We sit on the couch with plates of food on our laps and watch recorded episodes of The Tonight Show, and then move on to our series of the moment. We completed The Office and Parks & Rec, and now we’re cackling our way through Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Next up, we tackle Community

This is what we do, we’re screen people. We eat and we watch things. 

It used to be something we only squeezed in during dinner, or on the off chance we had a night off of sports, but it seems we’re faced with more and more free time these days. 

A few nights ago, we watched the movie Tremors and ate Sour Patch Kids until our tongues stopped working. The next day I came across The Adventures of Baron Munchausen on Amazon, and squealed with delight as I climbed into bed and made the kids watch it with me. 

About half way through, Jude stood up, stretched his arms above his head and said, “where were your parents when you were a kid and watched messed up stuff like this?”

“Oh honey,” I smiled, “they were the ones who rented it for me.”

And then I explained rewinding VHS tapes to them for the millionth time- it’s confusing without a diagram- anyways, Robin Williams’ head is spinning on a platter, and I realize it’s effed up movies like these that have made me the barely stable, but super entertaining, adult I am today. 

There is nothing like bonding in a bar with somebody over Drop Dead Fred quotes. 

You can’t replicate that feeling of waking up in a cold sweat and googling a movie you remember being real, about a kid who spreads peanut butter on his head and his hair grows forever and he’s captured by some evil guy who uses it to make paintbrushes, until you finally find other people are traumatized and searching for the same thing. (It was totally real, it was called The Peanut Butter Solution, someone build a time machine and so I can report my parents to the police.)

And our kids should have that, you know. They should have coming of age movies, soundtracks that define their whole existence, and […]


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