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111, 2021

Current Obsession: Puffy Boots

November 1st, 2021|Comments Off on Current Obsession: Puffy Boots

I am a creature of laziness, comfort, and habit.

I own 10 pairs of the same type of leggings so I do less laundry, I live in stocking hats because I hate brushing my hair (and also WHO LET ME CUT THESE BANGS OMG), I have the same thermal Henley shirt in every color, and I freaking love fall and winter boot season. 

“Gosh, I’d love to have worn fancier shoes but, you know… Ohio.”

*gestures at wet, cold mud everywhere*

Keep the bar low, that’s my advice. 

Since I spend the majority of my day either working in my bed like the grandparents from Willy Wonka, or driving kids around, I have gone all in on the ease and comfort of puffy boots and slippers. What the hell are puffy boots?

They are like puffy coats… for your feet. 

I have an obscene number of these, and they come at all manner of price points. 

Let’s take stock of my brood. 

BRONAX Insulated Moc, $32.99, Amazon
These are my favorites, so much so, I have them in black and green, also.
Heads up, these are mens shoes, and they fit big, so I sized down a whole size. 

Ozark Puff Bootie, $14.98, Walmart
These are fleece lined and super warm. You cannot beat this price, and they hold up against any pricier version on the market. 
These are mens shoes, so note that when sizing.

Teva Ember Moc, $74.99, DSW
Alright these more expensive, but they look adorable and fit great. 
Plus I love how the knit fits tightly around my foot. Keeps things toasty.

North Face ThermoBall Traction Bootie, $64.95, Amazon
Yes, also a pricier option, but a great way to walk around in a warm cloud. 
These booties are low cut on the ankle, but feel exactly like puffy coat material. 

Ozark Puffer Slipper, $12.98, Walmart
Andy is constantly trying to steal these shoes from me, and I hide them whenever I am not wearing them. 
They are quick to slip on, and […]

2003, 2020

Gel Nails At Home

By |March 20th, 2020|

Hey, this post contains Amazon affiliate links, and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. [...]


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