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Picture this. 

It’s late (that’s 10pm for me), you might of had a few drinks, maybe an edible, and instead of going to bed (like a responsible person would probably do), you realize you are ravenous with hunger. 

You could hit up Taco Bell, sure, but we both know that leads to nothing but regret and diarrhea. The pizza place takes too long for delivery, and ramen noodles just aren’t going to hit the spot. 

What you need, my friend… is the Stoner Sandwich. 

The Stoner Sandwich was born from the manic compilation of every delicious thing in your fridge, and my friend Meredith is infamous for them. In fact, she shows up late to every party, sack of meat and pickles in hand, and knows she’s leaving there the damn hero. 

Check out the latest episode of Brittany’s Always Hungry below for the hilarious and detailed how-to instructions. 

Stoner Sandwich Ingredients: White bread, sliced turkey, sliced salami, American cheese, bacon, thinly sliced tomato and onion, lettuce, pickles (highly recommend Grillo’s pickles, if you can find them), potato chips (Ballreichs are our fave), lots of mayo, swirl on some mustard, and eat!

Sharing is caring, babe!

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