Knock You On Your Ass Margaritas

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This margarita recipe is my brother's and a family favorite. Mostly because it's strong. Like, real strong. In fact, we may or may not jokingly call it Kissing Cousins juice, because hey, we live in the country, and it just makes everything that much more appealing, especially when sipped on a pond raft or around [...]

Chicken Curry Dip

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You know how everyone has the thing they bring to a party, and they just become known as "that guest?" My friend Kelly knows not to come to my house without her BLT dip. Sarah makes her famous grill pizzas, Meredith is known for her famous "stoner sandwiches," Laura is the guacamole queen, and Heather [...]

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My cousin let me tag along to my first New Year's Eve party. I was thirteen.  He was sixteen. Prior to that year, my New Year celebrations consisted of watching the ball drop and eating pizza with my brother while our babysitter climaxed in the pickup truck in our driveway. This was way funner. It [...]

I Heart Candy… Booze

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Skittles Vodka, day 1. 2 more days. I can already almost taste the rainbow. Except for grape, because that's disgusting.

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