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FatgirlWalking HC C

Pinch me.

I knew this was coming, that everything was rolling forward, and yet… each new step leaves me so in shock I can’t breath. It’s terrifying and exciting, and one of the few times in my career I’ve done something I have so little control over. People could love or hate this book and I will have no idea. The internet flourishes on the aspect of instant interaction. This is a whole new monster.

While I won’t give too much away, I can tell you the following. This book is full of lots of new material, this is not my blog in book form. I laughed just as much as I cried while writing it. And the women behind this book, y’all. Men, I love you, but being able to go through this process with the most amazing women (Kate, Carrie, Heidi, Sean), from start to finish… DREAM. Even the cover, you guys, shot by my dear friend, Chelsea McGowan. This book has the imprints of strong women all over it.

Wanna read it? Well, it is available June 2nd, but in the mean time, you can pre-order it! You know, so you don’t forget.






Sharing is caring, babe!

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