A Few of My Favorite (Winter) Things

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You know that smell? It’s chilly and windy and the air smells cold, like something fierce is coming? I love winter. Not just for the carb-filled food and warm and fuzzy holidays, but for the tall boots, jeans, and a much needed break from crotch sweat. I can finally pull out all my absolute beauty and [...]

Snowed In With Nothing But Coconut Love

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We've basically been stuck in our house since January 1st, and aside from the uncontrollable sobbing and eye twitching, it's been amazing. I'm like Sissy Spacek in Blast From The Past. There's been constant rainbow looming, online shopping, minor home renovations, and it's also cleared the way for  a couple "me" projects. Bought a new [...]

The Brazilian

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I've always been a shaver. It's easier, cheaper, and I can do it myself, which is typically how I like to address my vagina outside of an intercourse or baby-coming-outta-it setting. For those things, I've found the involvement of others is best. I tried waxing once in high school...sorta. Of the various awesome things to [...]

It Happened: Eyelash Extensions

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About a month ago, I turned to Facebook to talk eyelashes. Mainly, mine are crap, how can I make them be less crap? My lashes are very short, some are curly, some are straight, and then some just bend in, like, 90 degree angles. I have no idea what Danny DeVito's pubic hair looks like, [...]

A Red Lipstick Valentine’s Day

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I don't own lipstick, weird right? I own tons of cheapo balms and glosses, but no actual lipstick. The last time I wore it was in a shade of matte brown with a grungy flannel shirt and Dr. Martens, so like, not since Lilith Fair happened. That being said, I have a total girl crush [...]