Running the Curvy Girl Guide Community puts me in touch with thousands of brilliant women, and their equally brilliant platforms. In an effort to embolden and promote the powerful voices I surround myself with, I’ve developed a month’s worth of writing prompts for them (and you!) to explore and magnify across their blogs and social platforms.Body Blog Month

After all, who doesn’t need a little bit of inspiration?

Feel free to pick which prompts fit your needs for the day!

1. Write a letter to yourself 10 years ago. What do you know now, that you wished you’d known then?

2. The first time you were called fat. When was it, and how did it change your life?

3. “If beauty didn’t matter, I would…”

4. PHOTO POST: Red lipstick, skinny jeans, tall boots… take a photo and tell me about one item you’ve been afraid to rock… until now!

5. Tell me about the 5 women who have changed your life.

6. Self Care is everything. Tell me about five things you can do this week to prioritize and treat yourself.

7. What’s the most important book you’ve ever read?

8. Things you wish your mother would have told you about body image.

9. PHOTO POST: Dr. Martens, the perfect jeans, Fringed Leather Jacket… what’s one item in your closet you’ll never part with.

10. Have you ever been bullied as an adult? Tell me about it.

11. What one song would you pick to be your anthem?

12. The Confidence Bucket List. Tell me about 10 things you hope to one day have the confidence to do.

13. What would you tell a young girl going off to college for the first time?

14. Where do you go when you need to recharge?

15. PHOTO POST: August 15th is National Best Friends Day. Tell me about yours.

16. Do you ever feel pressured to be perfect and have it all together, even when you don’t? Let’s hear about it.

17. Have you ever dined out, gone to a movie or traveled alone?

18. August 18th is National Serendipity Day. Tell me about something spontaneous you’ve done.

19. Tell me about your fashion icons.

20. If you could change one thing about yourself, that has nothing to do with your body, what would it be?

21. What makes you strong?

22. Ask your best friend/sister/mother/significant other to name three beautiful things about you. How does it compare to the list you’d make about yourself?

23. PHOTO POST: Show me a picture of yourself you used to hate, but have grown to love and why.

24. What will you tell your daughter about her body?

25. August 25th is National Kiss & Make Up Day. Sometimes the one we owe the biggest apology to, is ourselves. What do you have to say “I’m sorry” to yourself for?

26. Why are you saying goodbye to your scale?

27. PHOTO POST: The Perfect Girls Night Out Outfit.

28. If you could create your very own version of The Breakfast Club, who would you want in detention with you?

29. Have you ever fat or skinny shamed someone?

30. Emotional eating is delicious, what are your go-to foods?

31. Write a letter to yourself 10 years in the future. What do you hope to know, and how do you hope to change from today?

Don’t forget to link to your posts each day in the comments below!

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