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This week, every season of Friends was removed from Netflix.

And the world wept.

Except for me.

I know. I tried, guys. 

I’m willing to accept the cute haircuts, Thanksgiving trifle jokes, and Joey’s eating habits into my life. Everything else? Meh. 

But hey, I am not above loving things that not everyone else loves. 

*gestures at complete Adam Sandler DVD collection*

If you suddenly find your heart a little empty, allow me to recommend ten of my favorite Netflix series to pivot toward, to fill the void. 

Note: I don’t get into true crime docs or murder shows, so you won’t find them on my list, babes, sorry. 

Instead, I’m going to lay out some under the radar picks, as well as a couple no-brainer faves, to keep you entertained. 

Alright, let’s start with my current love. 

1. The Magicians.
Seasons 1-4 on Netflix, season 5 coming to SyFy on January 15th. 

Warning: Sexual violence, suicide, mental illness, death. 

“It’s like an adult Hogwarts.” My friend Tracy would insist. It took over a year for me to finally give in and start this show, and it consumed me. 

It’s weird because it starts off a little corny, and then somehow… becomes one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen. It’s got everything. Adults who do magic, magician college, imaginary worlds, tons of mythology, 80’s power ballads, and unapologetic use of the word “twat.”

This show is hilarious, snarky and witty, while at the same time leaving me sobbing in a puddle of my feelings. 

Favorite episode: It’s a tie. 

Season 3, episode 5: A day in the life. I will never not cry when I think of Eliot and Quinten and those peaches and plumbs. 

Season 4, episode 10: All that hard, glossy armor. First, Margot is the best female character ever written, fight me. And second, Eliot singing “Don’t Get Me Wrong” is my porn now. 

2. Outlander.
Seasons 1-3 on Netflix. Season 4 on Starz. Season 5 coming to Starz on February 16th.

There is a lot happening here. Time travel, historical events, war, and loads of boning. The first few episodes are intense and detailed and hard to follow, but it’s just laying all the foundation for you to then become addicted to this show, and be totally fine with the fact that a lady walks through stones, has two lives spanning hundreds of years, and people are just totally fine with riding a horse in a kilt for hours, then going down on each other. 

I try not to overthink it. 

Favorite episode: I loved all of season 1. All the seasons are lovely, but man, it’s hard to beat sex in old Scottish castles. 

3. Schitt’s Creek
Seasons 1-5 on Netflix. Season 6 (final) on January 7th on Pop Tv. 

Quite easily the most brilliant show to ever exist. 

Daniel Levy has created a perfect world, filled with people you wouldn’t normally like, and made them your family. There is no bigotry. Only love. And wigs. Love and wigs. 

Favorite episode: Every Schitt’s Creek fanatic knows the best episode ever is season 4, episode 6. Otherwise knows as, when Patrick sings a Tina Turner cover song to David and we all swoon and die. 

4. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
Parts 1-2 on Netflix. Part 3 coming January 24th. 

Melissa Joan who?

Yeah, I said it. I loved me some 90’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but this dark-ass version of hell is everything. The witchcraft is better. The aunts are better. Even the feminism is better. 

Favorite episode: Chapter 13, The passion of Sabrina Spellman. This show is so empowering, but this episode, oof. It’s perfect. We learn the story of Lilith, and if you haven’t any idea who Lilith is in historical texts, read about her now. Lilith doesn’t need Adam, she doesn’t need God, and she sure as shit doesn’t need Satan. She’s her own woman/goddess/demon. 

5. The Crown
Seasons 1-3 on Netflix. Season 4 will air November/December 2020.

I was hesitant to get into a show I know recasts completely every two seasons. I mean, I hate change, and am crazy loyal, so the idea of losing the people I love in a role, to slightly older versions and different actors didn’t appeal to me, at all. 

And yet, I persisted. 

If you love the royals, watch it. If you love history, watch it. This is the show you watch with your phone in your hand, simultaneously devouring the episodes, and googling the events as they unfold to see if they did, in fact, really happen. (they did.)

Favorite episode: Season 1, episode 2. Hyde Park Corner. I really loved watching Elizabeth become queen at such a young age. It was scary and stressful, and she just stepped up and handled it. 

Seasons 1-3 on Netflix. Season 4 (final) coming the summer of 2020.

I was never a wrestling fan. Like, it was big when I was in high school and college, with Stone Cold Steve Austen, Chyna, and The Rock, but it just never stuck with me. So imagine my surprise when I accidentally started watching GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), and loving this gang of imperfect women, trying to make their way to fame in the 80’s. 

This irreverent sisterhood has me loving the ones I hated, and crushing on Marc Maron… which has been a weird journey. 

Favorite episode: Season 3, episode 6. Outward bound. The ladies head to the dessert to work out their shit, and it’s so raw and emotional. I was wondering if they were going to directly address the seriously racist character tropes of the 80’s, and they do. Women will save this world. 

7. Charmed
Season 1 on Netflix. Season 2 taking it’s sweet ass time, due May 2020

I want to be above loving reboots, but I’m not. 

Footloose remake? Better than the original. 

Charmed? Yup. 

This Charmed reboot is so feminist and bad ass, and along with Sabrina, the only series I actually get to binge with my kids. 

Much like OG Charmed, this series deals with sisters coming out of the woodwork, and demons coming out the wazoo. The goo dnews is our CGI is way better than it was in the 90’s. 

Favorite episode: Season 1, episode 15. Switches & Stones. Everything you ever learned about Medusa is wrong, and it shouldn’t take a CW show to teach us that history is horrible to women. 

8. Riverdale
Seasons 1-3 on Netflix. Season 4 airing January 22nd on the CW. 

I could give you tons of reasons to love this Archie and Veronica comic reboot, but instead, I’ll just offer two words: Skeet Ulrich. 

Yeah, like from hot Skeet from the 90’s. Only now, he’s daddy hot. This show is actually chock full of zaddies: Luke Perry, Mark Conseulos, even Chad Michael Murray is there. 

Riverdale is steeped in mystery and teen drama, two things that I happen to love. Except for Archie. I actually can’t stand him, but everyone else? Gimme. 

Favorite episode: All of seasons 1 and 2. Season 3 was a little annoying and redundant for me, but I’m hopeful for season 4. 

9. Bonding
Season 1 on Netflix. Season 2 has yet to be announced. 

I am hesitant to jump into shows with uncertain futures, but this one is quick and fun, so no matter what happens beyond that, you’re gonna like it. 

This weird little sleeper show is something I found when I wasn’t even looking for it. I mean, bonding? Wtf does that mean?

Oh as in bondage? I’m in. 

This show follows the best friendship between a dominatrix and her unlikely bodyguard, and somehow they managed to make getting peed on hilarious and heartfelt. 

Favorite episode: Season 1, episode 2. Pete Shy. This episode features D’Arcy Carden (Janet from The Good Place), and everything she touches is gold. 

10. Anne with an E
Seasons 1-2 on Netflix. Season 3 (potentially final unless picked up please god) hits Netflix today! 

I grew up on Anne of Green Gables and Avonlea, and my bucket list includes a trip to Prince Edward Island. So a Gilbert-filled rebooted version was a no-brainer for me.

Unlike the picturesque stories of Green Gables past, Anne with an E is a really raw view of life in the 1890’s. 

Turns out, it’s rife with hardship, pain, mental illness, and financial struggle, but somewhere in all of that… a family forms between a brother and sister and the orphan girl they never wanted. 

Favorite episode: All of them, now take to twitter and help save this damn show! #saveannewithane

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