Halloween aka “Hey Look, My Kids Still Like Hanging Out with Me!”

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And the streak continues! So yeah, if you’ve been following me through the years, you may already know of my complete aversion to standard store bought costumes. […]

DIY Marquee Camp Letters

By |2017-06-14T12:48:44-04:00June 2nd, 2014|Camp Throwback, DIY, Home|

Nothing adds a bit of pizzazz like some flashy marquee letters. Unfortunately, while Etsy offers oodles of them, they are largely out of my price range, and by my price range, I mean the amount Andy will confidently agree that I should spend on light up letters for a 4 day event. Commence project DIY. I [...]

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Glitter Pumpkin Tutorial

By |2017-06-14T14:22:32-04:00October 6th, 2012|DIY|

Somebody gave Gigi and I glitter and spray glue. Halloween just got a whole lot more festive. Click here for the super easy, kid-friendly tutorial!

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Welcome Home

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You know how in Twilight, Alice has visions of people's future in her head, and when she can't see it, it's because they are dead or something? That is how I like to pretend my brain works. In my mind, I am psychic, so I feel like if I don't envision something happening, it's because [...]

Life Tip: How to Open Wine Without a CorkScrew.

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Sometimes, I find myself in life or death situations. This happened to me once before in college with a bottle of shiraz.  I broke the top off with a hammer, and spent three days freaking out that I swallowed glass shards and was bleeding internally.   Starting my period the next day did not help dispute [...]


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Sometimes, I like to pretend I am a hair stylist. It's one of those jobs I always wished I had, much like being a teacher so I could decorate bulletin boards or a marine biologist so I could be tan. Never mind that other people's children annoy me, or that the ocean is a giant [...]

Lemons into lemoncello, a Christmas card story

By |2017-06-14T14:28:13-04:00December 23rd, 2008|Parenting|

Once upon a time, my home was filled with cute, adorable, saccharine filled Christmas pictures. The likes of which made for the types of Christmas cards one would keep displayed year round. Giggles. Babies in oversized Santa hats. Puppies hiding under the tree. It was a gay time. But this year, with the biting winter [...]