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Okay, this whole TV show thing, it’s amazing, but also, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. I just pretty much attend skype meetings, giggle weirdly and try not to call famous people by their former tv character names.

While I’m not much help on the production end, the whole giving input on where we should travel thing seemed like it’d be right up my alley.

And then, I quickly realized I travel places solely based on food, and decided that maybe I needed some outside input.

So, I turn to you. What’s on your bucket list?

Have you been somewhere you’ve sworn you’ve always wanted to return?

Is there a hidden gem in your town?

If you could travel to do anything, what would be on your dream list?

Disclaimer: I won’t jump out of planes or things in the sky. It’s a hard limit.

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  1. says

    Come to Senegal! We have absurdly cheap clothing and handbags and lovely beaches!
    Other than that it’s pretty standard third world country up in here. BUT make it before August and I will personally put you guys up. Ya’ll can sleep on my sofa and everything. AND I’ll teach you how to bargain for things in broken french!

  2. Erin says

    Best day of my life – before marriage and kids and all that stuff – was the day I went to the Island of Capri in Italy and swam in the Blue Grotto. Absolutely amazing and you can’t understand how magical it is until you are floating in the cave surrounded by the natural glowing blue lights coming up from the bottom of the ocean. Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about. You have to do it once in your life! – Don’t do the guided tour by boat though – wait til it is closed for the day then swim in. Very very cool. It’s not a hard limit thing I swear – easy, short swim in very salty (body floating) water.

  3. says

    My biggest dream is to have breakfast in Italy.

    That being said we took a great trip once. About 2 summers ago we went on a 15 day car trip from Florida to Baton Rouge, San Antonio, Carlsbad Caverns, Tucson, Vegas, Grand Canyon, Winslow, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, Amarillo, Little Rock , Birmingham. It was a loop starting on I-10 and coming back on Rt 66. The coolest things on the trip were the Bat Show at Carlsbad Cavern (I am petrified of caves but I did it), standing on a corner in Winslow, Az (like the Eagles song), and going to the Cadillac Ranch. Took my mom and my youngest son who was 14 at the time. We rarely ever take vacations and never long car trips so this was a huge adventure. I even got to stay at the Trump in Vegas. Awesome life and family changing trip.

  4. says

    1. Friedrichsbad in Baden-Baden, Germany. A traditional Roman-Irish bath in the heart of Bavaria. Smack on the ass means you’re done with your massage. Also, hello beer and pretzels?

    2. Gimmelwald, Switzerland. The most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Mountains, cheese, cows with bells on them.

    3. Mission Beach, San Diego, California – Much more lively than Coronado and there’s an awesome breakfast place called The Mission that I’d go back to in a heartbeat.

    I suppose, this is still somewhat revolving around food, but I don’t see that as a fault.

  5. victoria says

    Aspen, Colorado for Food & Wine for sure – I’ve lived here for 5 years and it’s crazy beautiful and incredible in the summer! Also, I’m in love with Carmel, California… AND the best best best beach I’ve ever been on was in Long Island, South Bahamas. FAB-U-LOUS.

  6. Heather says

    Annecy, France – I maybe yelled a lot when S. Korea beat them out for the 2018 Olympics. I just knew I would spend all of my money so I could go back!!! Yeah…I’m not over it.

  7. Erin says

    Places I’ve been and loved:
    *Berlin (Amazing nightlife, amazing food, amazing history)
    *Ireland/Northern Ireland. Just go see EVERYTHING. I want/need to go back ASAP because I spent far too little time there. Want desperately to get to the west coast – but loved the east coast and N. Ireland more than words could say.
    *Greece. Food. Beaches. Greek men. ZOMG DOO EEEET. Skip Athens – go straight to the Islands and try not to convince yourself to live there FOREVER.
    *South of Spain. Cadiz, Seville – love love love. I wish I could give you directions to the greatest tapas bar in Seville – but I could only reproduce stumbling through the winding streets myself – but I’m sure I could if I really tried. All I know is that there were about 27 lefts and it was in a blue house with music as good as the food. Which was AH-MAH-ZING. Also? Churros (the real deal.) and paella. Need I say more? No. No I need not. But I will say – I kick myself basically daily for not going to Gibraltar – I don’t know why – but I really want to go.
    Italy – Rome/Florence = Love love love. Gelato on every corner after I’ve just stuffed myself with quattro stagionii pizza/pasta/everything delicious in carb form? OKAY. GOOD IDEA, ITALY!
    *Go and find all of the ‘other’ Venices. Italy’s is well known – but Brugge is similar in Belgium, Annecy is similar in France and The Netherlands has something similar too – I’m sure others do as well. Water flows under, around and through entire cities. It’s bizarre and awesome.
    *AMSTERDAM – It looks like a fairy tale and tastes like one too. And not JUST the brownies.
    *Capetown – beautiful scenery. Breathtaking views. You can drink outdoors on top of a mountain at dusk with a few thousand of your best friends while overlooking TWO OCEANS AT THE SAME TIME. Plus – you can also indulge in some Springbok (who else eats their national animal?!) or warthog or other fine eats. I’d also highly recommend going on Safari in general. We’d get off the jeep and they’d hand us a cool towel for the heat and shots of booze for our heads. Amazing.
    *Switzerland – Kind of biased because I lived there for a while. But man. They’ve got some beautiful views, cheese fondu and THE CHOCOLATE – OH THE CHOCOLATE. Go directly to Sprungli and get Luxemburgerli and/or chocolate. But my god – get some luxemburgerli. Mountain ranges galore – old towns with cheap wine dives filled with ex pats and night clubs filled with socialites and literally everything inbetween. You can swim in Lake Zurich in the summer (with swiss bankers on their lunch breaks – they’ll literally just strip out of their suits and pop in the lake) or you can eat at the top of a department store (manor!) for a view of the city – food in the mountains was consistently amazing. There are far too many amazing things to see and do throughout all of CH. Though I lived in and loved the German area of Switzerland – and the french parts were amazing too – I loved Ticino because it was so Swiss…but so clash of cultures surrounded by mountains and lakes.
    *Go to Budapest. And Poland. (PEROGIES!!!!) And the Czech Republic. Just circle around Eastern Europe. Twice for good measure. So they have time to let your pants out.

    As for top tenish places on my (current) bucket list:
    *Island hopping in the south pacific
    *Istanbul (This is probably #1 right now – so desperately want to go and have heard AMAZING things)
    *Guatemala – Have heard it’s the undiscovered Costa Rica. Friends went for a week and stayed for a month+ and were treated like family by anyone and everyone.
    *Egypt – History/culture intrigues me – though recent events (esp. as a woman) make it hard to consider visiting. Perhaps Morocco would satisfy my Northern Africa craving for now until things (hopefully) settle down there.
    *Iceland – Was sung happy birthday in Icelandic once. Now I need to go there. Stat.
    *Scandinavia – One of the few areas of Europe I haven’t tackled – another area to explore and discover :)
    *Peru – Have some friends there – just looks amazing.
    *Thailand – there is a volunteer thing that I really want to do there.
    *Papua New Guinea – read a book when I was little about forests and undiscovered tribes and the general people/culture just fascinates me.
    *New Zealand – My parents did Aus/New Zealand in the 70’s on the back of a Motor cycle. I kind of want to be them when I grow up.
    *India – Am drawn to there more…spiritually. Have never been really religious..but for some reason just feel pulled there for a long time. Had a friend in university from India and we always had the most interesting conversations that made me long to visit.

    …And now I’m going to go and plan my next trip because I’m travel sick like whoa. Sorry for the rambles – but have fun planning YOUR wanderlust list!!!

  8. brittnoelle says

    Well the coolest place I’ve ever been is Tokyo. I kind of wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was 19 and had the opportunity. I fell in love with Japan. It’s an amazing and beautiful place. There really are no words for how much I love that country.

    My dream destination, if I could go anywhere in the world, is France. I’ve never been, but I swear I would love it there.

    I live in Southern California. I’d say our highlights are definitely anywhere in San Diego. I love that city. The whole county is gorgeous. The Gas Lamp district of Downtown San Diego is stellar. Good food. Awesome architecture. It’s small, but I love it. The Hotel Del Coronado is gorgeous. And Old Towne is full of fun stuff.
    I’m from Long Beach. Not the biggest city, or most exciting, by any means. But we birthed Sumblime. And we have a few really cool neighborhoods. The Belmont Shore neighborhood is TINY, but it’s a couple streets of really, really good food (I think I love food as much as you) and some of the best Christmas lights you’ll ever see if you happen to come in December.
    San Francisco is obviously amazing. Downtown LA has a lot to offer.
    Portland, Oregon is greatness.
    I love western Arizona. Anywhere on the Colorado River is gorgeous. I’ve spent most of the summers I’ve been alive floating down it and it’s magical at night. The sunsets are stellar. The stars are insane. It’s hot. But God is it gorgeous.
    The places I’m dying to visit within the US are definitely New Orleans and Seattle.

    • Amanda says

      I, too, am from Long Beach! We’ve got the Queen Mary, ummm…. that’s all I got. But, I was going to leave a comment and say, strictly for eating purposes, if you wind up in San Diego go to Hash House a Go Go. Fried chicken eggs benny. For realzzzzz!

  9. Lee Whitley says

    The Outer Banks of North Carolina. I came here on a whim in my early 20’s and never left. Best visited April/May/June or September/October – Summer is nice too but it gets crowded. Plus, you’ll find lots of things to do and some of the freshest seafood around. Check out Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives for OBX restaurant reviews.

  10. Doreen says

    1 – Southern Italy
    2 – Brazil for Carnival
    3 – Whitewater rafting in Moab
    4 – Alaska, just all of it
    5 – Come see the World’s Largest Ball of Twine Made by One Man in Darwin Minnesota

  11. Elinor says

    Summit mt. Teide on Tenerife in the Canary Islands. There is a gondola for those not up to the hike. The summit was closed due to weather when I was there. The whole island is gorgeous and other-worldly.

  12. Michela says

    I’ve visited Bavaria….it was picturesque! There was a particular town,
    Rothenburg ob der Tauber (on the Tauber river….). It is a medieval walled city
    that is for tourists…..but preserved so well….its beautiful. There is a cathedral
    from the 1400’s, flower boxes in every window….and the WINE!!!
    What I really think is go for the food as much as anything! It is as important as the
    local culture, it reflects the history and resources of the region.

  13. Imperfectmomma says

    Portugal. To the Sintra (I think that’s the spelling) castle; but here in America I would go back to the Bronx to see the Cloisters museum.

  14. Jess says

    Favorite Place on Earth – Disney World.
    I know you’ve been there…but I just think seeing you there would just be hilarious and awesome.

    Bucket List:
    Disneyland Paris
    Tokyo Disneyland
    Hong Kong Disney

    Ok…I have a pattern…

  15. Miranda says

    Honey, head South! Charleston, SC is wonderful! Laid back, lots of southern history, and GOOD food! We are from Greenville, SC which is about 3 1/2 hours north but we love the Carolina coast!

  16. Lizzie says

    Most of my bucket list involves re-enacting scenes from movies I grew up watching. Like going to a mountain in Austria and twirling around singing “The Sound of Music”…. or performing in drag like in Victor/Victoria…. okay, I know I watched other movies that didn’t have Julie Andrews. But on a non-movie note, I once saw a travel documentary that showed a hillside luge in Germany that looked ri.dic.u.lous. I’ve always wanted to try that.

  17. Cort says

    This is a bit more local for you. Pierre Anne’s in New Buffalo, MI. Crepes! No, not skimpy little things. Not just sweet! Savory, juicy, beef stroganoff crepes were the best food that has ever graced my tongue. So so so marvelous. Please take me when you go!!

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