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So, Andy did this really insane thing this week, and I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow when I have time to type this in a sit down position, and not, say, standing up at the hotel room mini bar eating cold dim sum and e coli.

However, as a by product of all that, I wanted to do a bit of crowd sourcing here. As you may remember in my 2013 goals, I was going to focus on being present and rock the whole marriage thing and whatever, and a situation arose recently where I need your help.

Situation: Brittany is working in bed watching Wedding Band (a show which she totally loves and if TBS cancels she will burn to the ground) when Andy swaggers all up on her wanting to get it on. Probably because she recently got out of the shower and smells like Dial. Now, here is where one of two things happen.

1. Brittany throws her work aside and they do it super fast because she’s super invested in the hour long comedy and really wants to find out how it ends.

2. Brittany throws her work aside, shuts off the television, and turns on some really hot boning music for effect.

Well, naturally, I chose option #1, but Andy was all, Brian Austin Green the fuck?, so I was like, ugh fine. But, when I grabbed my phone to tap a Spotify playlist, I realized I had exactly no good sex music.

Like, my options were a kids playlist, music for when I’m psyching myself up for getting on an airplane, and then my standard girl-angst chick rock that would have had us both menstruating all over the bed and burning binders full of women by the time it was over.

I ended up just hitting Coldplay, and it was good, but I think we both needed a Paxil after.

Now, I’m inspired to put together a really really dope sex playlist, and I went to Facebook last night for ideas (you can see them here), and want more from you.

I’m looking for more than just the go-to Marvin Gay, Barry White, Sade ilk.

What music turns you on?

P.S. Tomorrow I’ll share with you the really awesome playlist. Feel free to tell me how to do that on Spotify in the comments.

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  1. Sara says

    I agree with one of the comments above – I haven’t had sex with music playing since way before I had kids (three of them…THREE BOYS). I’d never really thought about it, but I miss it. I will most definitely be making my own playlist to drown out the sound of the baby monitor. :)

    • ailo says


      2 Wicky
      Renaissance Affair

      Oh, also, Roisin Murphy!
      Dear Miami
      Ruby Blue
      Ramalama (Bang Bang)

      I might be weird, but they work for me :)

  2. LinzJupiter says

    Wow. Well done, ladies! These gals have already nailed (bad pun intended) some of my favourite sexin’ albums, such as Physical Graffiti, Achtung Baby, and anything by DMB.

    ‘My Love’ by JT and ‘The Way I Are’ by Timbaland are two more great songs.

    As for albums and artists that have NOT yet been mentioned: Janelle Monae!

    I’m so very happy than I can take your Janelle Monae virginity.

    Anything from ‘Metropolis: The Chase Suite’ and ‘The ArchAndroid’.

    My fave sexin’ songs of hers are ‘Cold War’, ‘Say You’ll Go’, ‘Many Moons’, and ‘Violet Stars Happy Hunting’.

  3. Jen D. says

    Hands down without a doubt you have to include Jill Scott. Specifically her first album Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1.

  4. says

    Omg…I barely remember sex with a man, let alone TO MUSIC. My kids need to hurry up and graduate and go off to college. Or drive. Maybe once they start driving I will have time for a life that includes something in bed other than collapsing and twitching and muttering to myself from being around snarky (since asshole isn’t a nice thing to say) teenagers all of the time.

  5. jen says

    I found a playlist on spotify that is awesome…and moved it to my account – its called 50 playlist – And its got 279 tracks. I cant take any credit for it, but its awesome. My user name is jenwoosley if you want to check it out. 😉

  6. says

    Okay….blow off the fact that I’m old and all….but, my husband and I have a special thing for Enya’s Watermark album….but only when it rains and the balcony door is open and all the kids are asleep…………………….which hasn’t happened since October 1996 to be exact because I only had 2 of the 5 kids then and they were still napping and now they’re all teenagers and I am considering falling off the wagon and rolling into a liquor store….in which case I may be so drunk that I may consider that O.B. tampon jingle rockin’ sex music and then I’ll never want to have sex again.

    Yeah. I got nothing.

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