Dirty Little Book Club: The Redhead Plays Her Hand

Redhead Plays Her Hand

The Redhead Plays Her Hand, Alice Clayton It’s been a while since I’ve read anything from my favorite ginger, Grace, so to say I was jump outta my skin excited to finally get my hands on the third and final installment of Alice Clayton’s Redhead series would be an understatement. I’m about to give you […]

Geek Foreplay

Drone Delivery

Yo Amazon, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish, but Andy Gibbons already makes the best drone deliveries of all time. Sometimes when you are married to a geek, the most brilliantly hysterical things happen. Like robotic vibrator airdrops. Welcome to my everyday life. P.S. Worth every cent. P.P.S. Andy says I should […]

Gift Guide 2013

2013 Gift Guide

What do I I get that totally rad but slightly off-kilter person in your life? Good question!  1. Kate Spade Martini Iphone Case, $40 2. Miss Dior, $75 3. Gypsy Soul Boho Wrap Bracelet, $29 4. Upcycled Vintage Book Journal, $26 5. Eastland Moccasins, $115 6. HoodiePillow Pillow Case, 24.95 7. Life is for Deep Kisses Tank, $22 8. Rob Delaney: […]

Outfit of the Day: Fair Isle Leggings

When I posted this photo on Instagram, I got one of two comments. A. I love them! B. What the hell do you wear with that? Good question, because while cute on the hanger… what the hell do you wear with sweater leggings? And why am I voluntarily stretching pattern across my thighs? Does Target […]