Lazy Sunday: October 7th

It’s getting festive up in here!

I have all the kid’s costumes ordered, save for Jude who refuses to give up the desire to be the invisible man this year. Which wouldn’t be impossible if he’d just go with my concept for a conceptual version, instead of demanding I somehow locate the cape Harry Potter wore.

Dude, if I had an invisibility cape, you wouldn’t see me right now. I’d be naked, in the corner, watching AbFab with noise canceling headphones on. I certainly wouldn’t waste it on a child’s Halloween costume.

Here’s what happened this week:

Cool shit I saw online:

Mom names. Turns out I have one. Get ready to have your day ruined.

I’m basically addicted to like every single episode of these.

The best tourism website ever!

Is it irony if I own this?

I totally loved this show.

I also want to pass along two important links from two amazing readers. First, Ashley Weeks Cart is featuring a gut wrenching post written by her father, in honor of a friend who experienced an unimaginable loss. Second, Elizabeth Siegrest pointed me toward her amazing friend, Kenley, who is currently knee-deep in giving cancer a well deserved ass kicking. This woman is a her, check her out.

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  1. Heather says

    Yet another reason to remain bitter my parents wouldn’t pay for cable growing up. I was the nerd that never knew what people were talking about when they brought up the last episode of Double Dare.

  2. Loren Bell says

    Holy shit . . . I barely missed the mom name cut thanks to the masculine spelling. Off to raid my card drawer . . . sending my parents thank you notes. No I’m not. My mom lives in another country and I don’t know how to send mail there. If I didn’t avoid human contact at all costs, I *might* take it to the mail store and try to figure it out. No I wouldn’t. Maybe I WILL go buy some age-inappropriate clothes since I didn’t technically make the list. Boom.

  3. jenn says

    OMG AbFab was my life. Like, literally. The first time I watched it I sat stunned the entire episode, with goose bumps, because there’s no way they could have invented that show without observing my life. I was Saffie. I eventually got over the weirdness and laughed my ass off at my lot in life. And felt particularly hopeful when I saw the episode where they went to Morocco and Eddie smells honey on Saffie as she’s walking past….Patsy was my crazy step half sister with bleach blonde hair who is two years younger than my mom because my parents were 18 years apart and she was from my dad’s first wife’s first marriage, and they were friends, and got wasted, a lot. You can’t make this shit up.

    And I loved Today’s Special. Anyone watch Pinwheel with the talking vegetable cart and the bunny with helicopter ears?

  4. Ashley says

    Kid History, Oh my word I love them. I love the “Facttttt” one but episode 6 is my favorite, I randomly walk around quoting lines. “I know that it is green, but what else is about it?” Holy crap I love them!

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