Lazy Sunday: October 28th

I spent yesterday in a room above a busy salon with a wine glass in hand, cheering on my friend as she shaved her thinning hair from her head… again. In the words of absolutely everyone, fuck cancer. There were tears at first, but then there were cheers and laughs and cock jokes.

From there, we moseyed our push-up bra’ed posse on over to eat our feelings in wine, pasta and fresh bread. As we do.

This Week:

Cool shit I saw online:

How charming does this movie look!?

My friend Greg Grunberg wants you to TALK ABOUT IT
. And you should be. NOW.

Possibly the best protest sign ever.

I want to buy these, but I have two questions. 1. Are they really wide calf? 2. How much blood plasma do I have to sell to equal $300?

Ever wonder what would happen when Buffy, Bella, Hermione, Katniss, Lisbeth and Michonne lived together in a house? Now you don’t have to. Love it?

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    • Brittany says

      Those exact boots? Because they say wide calf, but, like, I need to know HOW wide calf they are… And I can’t seem to find a real life review. HELP.

  1. Mandy says

    They look like frye boots and they are worth every fucking penny. My Mom bought hers like that at. Parisian in 1996 and they are still hot!

  2. says

    I just bought some really amazing wide calf boots from Lane Bryant–not $300 a piece and I have a black pair that has a wonderful wide stretchy calf that look very similar to these brown ones. They are worth checking out–if you ship to a store its free shipping and you can try them on before you go home–this happened to me; the two pairs I ordered weren’t wide calf enough but I was able to exchange them in store for some wonderful boot.

  3. Casey says

    I have the Veronica frye wide calf (16&1/2 in. personally) and I love them. Not sure how wide you need but I still have a little wiggle room in mine. I thinking of getting them in black too.

  4. Crista says

    If you look under item info it tells you the shaft (heh! Shaft!) length and the circumference, so you can figure out how high on your leg the boot will go, and then measure the circumference of that part of your leg. The problem I ran into is that my calf was 1/2″ bigger than the circumference of the boot I wanted and I had no idea if I would still be able to squeeze my fat leg into it, or if the boot would just look stupid.
    So that was probably no help at all!
    Good luck! I hope you’re not too attached to your blood plasma 😉

  5. Wendy says

    I bought these exact boots at the Frye store in NYC this summer. I have huge calves (17-17.5) and they actually fit. I don’t think they’ll ever slouch on me because my calves completely fill the top but they fit! Totally worth it after hunting for 3 years and wish I would have bought 3 years ago instead of buying cheap boots that fall apart after one season.

  6. says

    Tallywacker…in case you’re ever stuck and can’t get a hold of your friend. I took Human Sexuality in college and one of our assignments was to spend the entire 2-hour class coming up with slang terms for genitalia…that was really educational.

    Also, DSW has a section in their boot shop specifically for wide calf boots. It should list the opening circumference and they have a super easy return policy. I found a great pair of black suede boots…so great that I cried when I tried them on and they actually zipped all the way up!

  7. says

    I have those boots in blue! Got them on SUPER clearance. I have wide but not SUPER wide calves and they fit fine, with a little extra room. I think they’re made out of unicorn leather or something, because they’re so freaking soft. The leather will definitely stretch a bit.

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