Lazy Sunday: April 15th

Lately I’ve been feeling.. I don’t know, stressed, tired, overwhelmed, overly busy, off my game, other words here that mean basically the same things as all those other words.

I could not put my finger on exactly why, and then I realized it’s because I simply haven’t been drinking as much as I’m used to. Bingo! To the wine cave!

Which is actually a real thing, but not as awesome as the Bat Cave. It’s just the refrigerated section of the quickie mart near my house that’s technically in a small, dark back room, but that’s only because it’s where they also sell the porn magazines. Apparently…it’s a demographic, whatever.

So, that’s helped.

Only last night I decided it was my last drinking night, as I need to gear up for this fashionshootthingomgletstalkaboutitlater in NYC in two weeks, so I totally outdid myself.

So much so that Andy eventually texted me from bed, as I was out on the deck having about a hundred tmi conversations with my friends, to tell me I had to go to sleep. Here’s a reenactment…


Then I woke up to my phone dead in the flower pot. (probably drunk pixies)

In the mean time…

Next week I am going to do the second round of Playing Dress Up, as well as share with you my super awesome birthday wish list!

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  1. Andee says

    I love that you stay the same character throughout, while Andy is any number of drool worthy hotties! PS I feel the need to put on my makeup while reading this post bc Andy’s brother is involved 😉

  2. kathy says

    Awesomness level eleventymillion! I think we forget how much our volume level increases when we are enjoying adult bevarages with our girls, and, discussing hit hitting topics like bjs and world famine!

  3. Sara says

    That was awesome! Soo, did you figure out a way to get out of giving BJs? I am running out of ideas so am all ears!

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