1. says

    If that guy isn’t doing standup for a living (or, maybe, sitdown standup – because, you know … maybe he’s NOT funny standing up) he’s missing his calling.

  2. Perla D. says

    “It was like a whale gave birth to a t-rex!” and then “blood pee”? Hilarious!!! Husband is going to love this!

  3. Emily says

    Yup, totally made my day. My co-worker and I are huddled in my cube so we can share my ear-buds (since its not really SFW) and laughing so hard we are crying. It’s quite the sight.

    It was like a whale gave birth to a roaring T-Rex!

  4. says

    there are no words to express the amount of awesome in that video. never leave this man. probably he should get a couple blowjobs too. oh. my. sides…

  5. says

    omg that’s hilarious! I just woke up my husband laughing. Thank goodness I didnt have time to check you out today at work. That would have been awkward.

  6. erica says

    Oh my I adore this man. That is the funniest thing I have seen in the longest freaking time. I had to watch it a second time with my Husband once he got done crapping of course. I will never be able to sit silently in a stall waiting to fart at work ever again because I will be laughing my ass off thinking of this video.

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