August Writing Prompts

Body Blog Month

Running the Curvy Girl Guide Community puts me in touch with thousands of brilliant women, and their equally brilliant platforms. In an effort to embolden and promote the powerful voices I surround myself with, I’ve developed a month’s worth of writing prompts for them (and you!) to explore and magnify across their blogs and social platforms. […]

The Sex Conversation You’ve Been Dying to Have. HIDE YOUR KIDS.

You know when your partner does something during sex that does nothing for you, but you’re way too nice to say something? Or like when you really want to try something but are afraid to sound like an aspiring internet sex worker? Me too. I mean, for the most part, I’m pretty good at being my […]

Go Curvy

I was crazy excited to be featured on the fabulous webseries, Go Curvy. Fashion, bodies, women… my three favorite things! Check out the episode below! Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream Click here if you are having trouble viewing the show.

Orange Is The New Black Season Two *SPOILERS*

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS Annnnd done. I devoured season 2 of OITNB in one day. And you might be saying to yourself, God, that’s pathetic. And, I’d be like, I know right? But also, I have two sick kids with fevers sweat napping all the hell over me, so needless to say, I’ve […]

Throwback Round-Up

The only thing more surreal than experiencing Camp Throwback first hand, is seeing it from another person’s perspective. Following the #campthrowback hashtag on Instagram was my favorite pre-sleep activity as I lay in my sleeping bag each night, pretending there probably aren’t spiders near my toes. Now that camp is over, I get the terrifying […]

We Want You!

CGG Community collage

Ladies, drink the kool aid. It’s spiked. A private Facebook group of like-minded ladies whose cycles have now aligned, creating an unstoppable machine of world changing, dirty joke telling, advice giving, pants sharing, every size accepting, hold my earrings have your back women. In short, we’re the tits. You should come hang out with us. CLICK HERE […]

Instagram Mom Love

From the sleepless nights to the moments of pure joy. Motherhood can be a beautiful thing. And no place can I swoon over warm and fuzzy photos better than Instagram. I pride myself on my Instagram follows. They’re like friends sharing their lives with me, whether I’m bored in car line or hiding in the […]