Happy Boobs

Two days ago we went to the Sing-Along version of Frozen, because we still have money left in our retirement account and haven’t yet fulfilled our apparent moral obligation to continuously bolster the box office success of this cartoon.

I had just finished the reprise of For The First Time in Forever, I as Elsa and Gigi as Anna, obviously, when I bent down to grab my popcorn and *SNAP*

Second underwire snapped in a month. You know those medical miracle news stories where they show x-rays of dudes with nails in their heads that somehow missed every vital area, one day you will see my chest cavity on the screen with a u-shaped wire narrowly missing my beating heart.  That or one of those ohcrapwhatsinmyrectum x-rays. It could go either way.

I have been in an abusive relationship with my breasts.

At 8 bound them down with ace bandages, at 17 they hung below the table during strip poker, and at 28 they began to rest adorably in my arm pits when I lay down. I’ve spent over two decades hating them, cursing them, and stuffing them into ill fitting pretty things.

I want to be really poetic here and say, oh but they are beautiful vessels that nourished my children, but the truth is, they still fucking suck.

Would I like to wear tube or halter tops? Yes. Would it be nice to wear a strapless bra that doesn’t end up like a cummerbund by the end of the day? Absolutely. This isn’t in the cards for me. I have a large chest that requires thick annoying bras that I spend an infinity percent of my day adjusting every time I bend over or move around too much.

I’ve been measured at Cacique twice, and both times, I left with a bag full of expensive 36 DDD’s. Yet, I still had loads of over-boobs and wire snaps. Something wasn’t right.

I shared a really great how-to video last year, disputing everything you thought you knew about bra sizing, and after doing some extensive research, it turns out it was totally right.

You can watch the video in length for great discussion about how to properly fit yourself for a bra, but I’m going to break it down real quick below in three easy steps.

Now take your bra off.

1. Take a fabric measuring tape, put it around your rib cage where your bra band would sit, and exhale. Write down that number, it’s your band size. Mine is 38.

2. Bend over at a 90 degree angle. Yup, your boobs should be dangling and you suddenly remember why you always wear a bra during doggy style. Wrap the measuring tape loosely around your back and dangling bust, and write that number down. Mine is 49.

3. Now it’s time for some math. Take those two numbers and subtract them. (i.e. 49-38 = 11) Now take that number and check out the chart to determine your cup size. Tip: Most online ordering is done via UK Sizing, which is way more accurate than US Sizing, govna!

Bra Conversion Chart


*put head head between knees and breathes slowly*

(Yes, I am using UK sizing, as many of the larger quality bras are sized using UK sizing. You can find that information by looking on the bra maker’s website.)

In the spirit of giving zero fucks about the size of my pants and simply wearing what fits and feels good, I woman’ed up and ordered a new bra, you know, just to try it. A scientific experiment, if you will.

Finding a 38H was admittedly a little tough, but after studying reviews and shopping prices, I took the plunge on a Gia bra from Curvy Kate that I found on Amazon Prime for a great price. Tip: I also found cute options at FigLeaves.com, HerRoom.com and Bravissimo.com.

The difference is in the pudding… and by pudding I mean boobies.

Bra Fitting 101 CaciqueThis is a 36DDD, the bra Cacique fit me into. That stuff oozing out of the sides? That’s not armpit fat (okay maybe it’s a little armpit fat), that is actual boob. In Andy’s words as he took this picture, “That looks painful, stop wearing it.”

Bra Fitting 101 Curvy KateThis is a 38H Curvy Kate bra, purchased based on the fitting I did on myself in my kitchen. Opening it up, I scoffed at it’s size. No way my boobs are that huge. And then I put it on and spent the evening in it. No spillage. No armpit or under boob. Just happy 38H’s. I’ll take 10. Find it here!

Bra Fitting 101 Panache
UPDATE: The second bra in my boob-renovation came today, and man is this journey getting fun! This is the Panache Envy in 38H, and I think it may be my most favorite, yet! It’s really comfortable, sexy as hell, and the lace is stretchy so it sits flush to the skin. I’m in love! Find it here!

Panache Plunge
LOW CUT UPDATE: While all these new bras are amazing, and I love them, one difference I am definitely dealing with, especially in the summer, in being able to wear these with low cut shirts. Big boobed girls need some V-Necks, and the support these bras offer often means that it’s coming up higher between my breasts. So the hunt was on for a low cut bra that also offered me support and no spillage. Found it! This is the Panache Porcelain Plunge Bra, and I found the cup to run large in this and had to size down to a 38G, which fits perfectly. Find it here!

sports bra

SPORTS BRA UPDATE: Sports bras have always kinda been a bit of a joke for me. I’ve tried quite a few, and they always result in creating one giant, sweaty ass crack down the middle, and it’s useless. My workable solution became wearing two bras. One regular cotton underwire bra under a sports bra. Talk about swamp boobs. So, a friend recently recommended the Glamorise bra, and I am pretty hard core in love with it! It’s basically a double layer bra. The first layer resembles a cotton bra without underwire and a back closure (OMG THANK YOU. Getting stuck in a sports bra is like drowning in quicksand.) With a top layer that you can adjust to tailor how close you want your boobs strapped to your chest. There is no bouncing and no boob-butt crack. I AM BACK TO ONE BRA AT A TIME, GUYS! Because I’m used to sizing down in sports bras, I ordered this in a 38DD, and it’s very snug around the band. The next time I order, I will size up one size to probably a 40DD. Find it here!

Glamorise Cami
Okay fine, I’m officially a Glamorise addict. This Glamorise No Bounce Cami Sports Bra offers the same sort of boob control as the bra above it, but the chest coverage is built it, which is awesome. I actually like it even more than the previous bra and I won’t run or do any cardio without it. Going with a 40DD worked great for me (in normal bras I wear a 38H in UK sizing), and I love love love that it hooks in the back and I’m not pulling it over my head, which is zero percent fun, especially when I’m sweaty and trying to pull it off and temporarily afraid I’m trapped and going to die. Find it here!

Jerry Springer Final Thought: As a woman, I’ve experienced virtually zero standard of sizing across any other form of fashion, why on Earth would I think bras would be any different? That fact is, the system I am used to might not be accurate, but rather, available.  I am being fit into what is available to me in stores based on what society thinks is an appropriate size to offer, and I accepted it because I was afraid of being abnormal or large or different… when the fact is, I’m not any of those things. And neither are you.

Not wanting to be a certain bra size is not the same as not being that size. Give it a try. I promise you, I can never guess what your bra size is in a well fitting bra, but I can tell what size you aren’t in a bra that doesn’t fit. 

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  1. RW says

    I’ve been wearing a 32 DD. Just measured myself…. I’m a 28 H. Does anyone know where to find that size?

    • lyonaria says

      Try any of the sites she suggests, Figleaves or HerRoom or Bravissimo. They often have the same products on all the sites, so you can keep an eye and see who is having what on sale!

    • katy says

      I second (third?) figleaves.com . I was wearing a 34B for YEARS… turns out I’m a 30D, which is surprisingly hard to find in any regular store. This site has good sales quite often as well. One thing to be aware of with figleaves, though, is that they package their shipments with scented satchets, to which I am highly allergic… have to specifically request that things be shipped with NO SCENT. haha

    • cass says

      Nordstrom carries some. Usually freya. Don’t let them talk you into the mystique they are expensive and suck!

    • Tessa says

      It sounds silly to say, but thank you RW commenting. I’ve been wearing 32DD also, and measuring myself got 26/7 H. So it seems we’re in a similar size boat, which makes me feel like i measured right. :)

  2. Krista says

    I too am scared to take the plunge and part of that is pride in size going from DD to an F in UK sizes. My question that I’m not fully understanding. So my band size is 44. Most of these cute cute bras don’t go to 44. Some don’t even go to 38. Any idea on where to buy cute bras in band size 44?

    • Brittney says

      I’m a 48F. I feel your pain. The cutest I found were Glamorise. I got one of them from HerRoom and the other two from Woman Within. They were cheaper from WW.

  3. Sarah says

    I’m a little confused your math and chart suggest at 11″ difference you’d be a 38k? Or what did I miss:)

  4. Ashley says

    29 G (US sizing)?!? You’ve got to be shitting me! Pardon the language. How so they measure so incorrectly?!? I guess it’s time to go bra shopping!

  5. Amber says

    Hi, Ok when I measured I should be a 30 DD or E. I received my 30 DD today, but the band is very tight, and I have armpit spillage, and quad boobs. When I was fitted last at VS ( know they do it wrong) I was a 32 C. That band within a couple days was way to big. The time before that I was measure as a 34 B, and it was super loose of course. I just don’t know if I should return this one for a different size or what. Not sure.

    • lyonaria says

      Certain brands run smaller or larger in the band size. It’s always a good idea to check out the rating on them most people are happy to say if it runs larger or smaller. You should always choose a bra that fits comfortably on the loosest hook, which gives you a chance for more life out of the bra when it inevitably stretches. The table she is using is only a starting point, you may find that you wear a larger or smaller cup size then the number you get. It all depends on your breasts. I wear a larger cup size then I measure because of the shape of my breasts and density of my breast tissue. Herroom has a questionnaire that helps you find what brands are good for your specific breast shape and type. And YES, if the bra is uncomfortable and you are getting quad boob and spillage, but like the bra, return it get it in a larger cup size and bandsize. This is just a starting point, every brand fits slightly different. No women’s clothing items are easy to buy, huh?

    • says

      As someone who also measures as a 30, I found 30 is not my actual size. After much trial back at VS and another store, I had to get refitted, and fit in a 32 because 30′s are too tight. I was a little sad that both the “traditional” way and this way of determining your size didn’t work for people who measure a 30, or me at least. Oh the logic of bra’s… But I guess it was nice to know that there are plenty of skinny girls with big boobs, and I am sending some empathy your way because finding a proper bra is frustrating!

  6. Kelsey says

    Thank you so much for making this post. I hate bra shopping because I can never find anything that fits well. I know a good fitting bra is meant to have the under wire sit nicely against the sternum but mine always sneaks out an inch or two I cannot wait to get home and measure myself and start finding bras that really fit and hopefully stay in place!!! You are such a boob saver.


  7. Melisa Childs says

    :( I have a tiny ribcage and HUGE boobs. According to this I am a 29 I (US)… Pretty sure that’s impossible to find anywhere :/

    • Rachel says

      try jockey.com and use their new breast size measuring system. It measures the tissue volume. My sister told me about it and loves her bra. I’m nursing and haven’t tried it.

  8. gina t says

    If you find a great bra that uh cups perfectly but is a tad snug on the looses notch you can get a bra extender to eek out one more hook while you wait for the bra band to stretch or that last stubborn pound to shift. Don’t get rid of an otherwise totally perfect bra unless you know it’ll never do! I’ve gone thru so many trying to get it right and sadly my search continues.

  9. Lacey says

    I tried your suggestion of how to measure. I measured at 38″ for my band size, and 44.5″ for my cup size, making me a 38F. My boobs are WAY too small for an F, in fact, they can’t fill a B cup, so this doesn’t work on everyone apparently.

    • a says

      I was also wondering if there is a different method for small chested people. I am dying for a well fitted bra. I am petite all over with boobs to match. Just did this test & came up with 27 band & 35 boob. That’s also a difference of 8 putting me at an “h”. There is just absolutely no way. Right now I am wearing a size small bralette (meant to fit a or b cup) its the only bra I have that fits decently at all. I would live yo see another post for small sizes.

      • Megan says

        Here are a couple of links that might help you understand. This is a beginners guide to the bra sizing method and it explains how you can’t really compare sizes by their cup because it’s all related to the band size as well. http://www.reddit.com/r/ABraThatFits/wiki/fit_guide

        Also you could have a shallow breast shape as well which means that your breasts may look small but instead the tissue is more spread out rather than projected. If your A or B cup bras seem to float over your breasts rather than adhere then you may have shallow breasts. http://www.reddit.com/r/ABraThatFits/wiki/shallow

    • Susan says

      I agree. I was so excited to try this, because I absolutely HATE bra shopping, and can never find a proper size. Being very small breasted (and very saggy unfortunately…), I thought I might actually be able to be properly fitted. By this chart, I should be a 34F. Um, yeah – no. I have never filled more than a B cup.

  10. Carolyn says

    To Brittany and to any other of the women here, I empathize with your situation and reading how much your “girls” have caused you to feel some unhappiness, such as not being able to wear some of the clothes you wish and the discomfort that comes along with having a large bust – sports, exercise, “shagging” and sleeping etc.
    It reminded me of quite a few large busty women I have known, that tired from having backache and discomfort, so they opted to have breast reduction surgery.
    Please, don’t be offended by my comment, I would never wish anyone to take my comment the wrong way.
    I am just trying to offer information about breast reduction. What I do know is that health insurance companies do cover the surgery cost because it is deemed necessary for health related issues. Backache being the number one reason I believe.
    All of the women I have known who opted for this surgery were completely satisfied and very much happy that they had done it. They all were allowed to choose the size that they wanted. Some were women who had found with the natural progression of getting older and gravity, that it was time to live a more comfortable life, and some were young women who wanted to run, exercise and relieve their back aches.
    This of course is a doctor – patient issue and should only be considered after scheduling an appointment to discuss with your primary care physician and one or more opinions from surgeons who perform this type of surgery.
    I sincerely hope that you take this comment as a mere suggestion. Love your curves and love your body. Only you get to decide if reducing a bit benifits your life or not. ♡

    • Winter says

      Just be sure to thoroughly research the doctor. My breast reduction was one of the worst things I’ve ever done because my breasts are now deeply scarred, uneven, nipples look ridiculous (areola lines are jagged) and have random skin pockets in the corner that are filled with nothing. It’s effected my entire life and all of my relationships. I feel like Frankenstein. It was the summer before my freshman year of high school and the guy obviously did not care at all what they ended up looking like. Sure I could fit into more clothing, but I don’t even take my bra off in the bedroom with my husband. (Sorry for the TMI) It’s enraging and humiliating. One day, when we have the money, I’m going to get them fixed by someone who actually understands what an emotional toll breast issues can have on a woman in our society. If you have back problems like I did, a breast reduction is a great idea (and my insurance DID cover it like Carolyn said) but once again, be SURE to really research your doctor and see what others had to say about him. My Mom did not do that (I was just a kid) and years later I found a website filled with women who were horrified at the results they got from his breast reduction surgeries. A lifelong battle with self esteem issues could of been avoided with proper research.

    • Zoquara says

      I am currently 2.5 months into recovery from my own own reduction. I have NO idea what my proper bra size should have been. I was stuffing myself into a 42J, and it was too damn small. I had 17 pounds of breast tissue removed. Like Winter, I have some awful scars. Unlike her, though, I don’t mind them and mine aren’t from a crappy surgeon, it’s just the result of having SO MUCH tissue removed. I actually kept a blog through the majority of my recovery (and need to do a final post soon!).
      As a disclaimer, my surgeon said I was the largest reduction he’d done in a few years, and the largest he was likely to do for awhile. Recovery was hell at first, but right now, I’m SO thankful to be able to breathe again.
      titacular.blogspot.com , if anyone is interested. There are pics, so it’s a bit NSFW

  11. says

    Thank you so much for this blog post. I found it on pinterest and measured myself. I went from a 40DDD to a 38 H. I first thought H would be too big so I bought an F instead. Well the F was too small so I returned it and bought the H. I don’t think I’ve had a bra fit that great in years. I’m trying to get over the shock and partial embarrassment at being that size but at least I have a bra that fits.
    So thank you again for helping some of us women finally get past the “oh god I can’t be that size” and just buying clothes that fit without stressing over the size. :)

  12. Allen says

    I did the measurements and came up with either a 28 H U.S. or 28 FF UK. I then took those measurements and ordered seven different bras from HerRoom and Figleaves. I just got the bras from her room and they would barely reach around to my sides, let alone trying to get the girls in the cup. Very frustrating as I now have to mail them all back.

  13. laura says

    I definitely don’t have big boobs, but decided to try this just to see. I measure a 32 around the ribs and a 36 around the boobs. Which would be 4″ and therefore a D. Under no circumstances would a D fit. Bs are perfect, and when I have tried on Cs before there is too much extra room. Maybe this is only accurate for those who are much more well-endowed?

    • Katie says

      No, it really works. I am very small chested and was wearing a 32A for years. I went to VS and had a fitting, and they ended up putting me in a 32C. I thought, no way, but really, the C cup fit so much better. When I did this measurement on this website (wanted to test VS’ measurement), it matched what VS had told me. A lot of people have a lot of breast tissue on the sides as well. When you’re putting your bra on, you have to lift your breasts and get all the tissue under the wire and into the cup. Once you do that, you realize how much better the larger cup can fit. That’s why you bend over when measuring your breasts, because all that breast tissue will enter into the measurement.

  14. cassandra harris says

    Well I have been wearing a 42-44G for the past few years. I tried this and got 44 in band and I-J in cup. Now I know for a fact that a 44H does NOT fit me as I tried every one that Lane Bryant had in stores and the cups were too big and uncomfortably up in my arm pits. I am breastfeeding my daughter and I cant buy bras like the ones that are shown above because my boobs cant pop out over the top easy enough. So I am doomed to my stretchy sleep nursing bra from a maternity store? UGH

    • Lauren says

      Hi! I had the same experience at Lane Bryant. They seem to have their own, independent sizing. May I suggest you go to Amazon search for bras in 44H +/- one band, one cups size and FREE shipping/returns. You’ll end up trying on a slew of bras, in your own home, and only paying for the ones you keep.
      I’ll also mention Nordstrom has free shipping/returns on everything, and I’m quite pleased with the Elomi bras I bought there. I had to go down a band size to get the recommended cup to fit perfectly, and it does.
      Additionally, they have ‘short’ wires, so nothing pokes in under my arms.

  15. Tiffany says

    I found this on Pinterest and was intrigued. It’s so hard to find a good fitting bra.
    I found a good one 40c but of course they stopped making it. Here’s the thing. I am a big girl.
    I have tons of actual back fat (tmi, I know) my band size is large but I have practically no boobs. According to this I should be a 42DDD or E. I am super hesitant to buy something that my boobs won’t fit in! When I wear 40 D’s or 42 C’s there is tons of room in the cups.
    I super scoop always. Any advice for us sturdy but small boobed girls?

  16. janai says

    Try fullbeauty.com I get the best bras there. They have a bra club and good options that are sexy too! And in extended sizes!!!

  17. Stefanie says

    This puts me in a 30I! I’m wearing a VS 24DD. While I agree with most of this post I have some reservations. In light that I have breastfed two infants I have no body to my breast tissue. That means the girls hang very low but are ribbon thin. This system just doesn’t accommodate for baby distortion. This does however explain why the doctor recommended a breast reduction to help my back pain.

  18. Brittney says

    Thank you so much! I’ve been pretty miserable in my bras for awhile now. They kept telling me I was a 44DD. This says I’m a 48F. That’s quiet a difference, in my opinion!

  19. Brian Adams says

    Yes, I understand that women hate the large boobs but they are pretty popular with the men folk. Pros and cons…

  20. Kelli says

    This really is correct?
    I’ve been wearing a 34 B my entire life and it says I should be wearing a DD…
    My life is a lie.

  21. Sherry says

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! for the first time in my life I have a bra that fits!! I’ve been wearing Victoria Secret 34 DDD and I pop out the top all the time…you know the quad boob thing. but the measurements line up and they don’t have a bigger size cup *sigh* I went into Soma looking for a smaller band with a bigger cup, but the poor girl didn’t know what to do with my size. When I came home I started scanning the internet looking for a better sizing method. That’s when I found your site (on Pinterest.) Well, according to your chart I am a 34 J/GG I ordered 2 bras from Amazon a Curvy Kate and a Panache. They just came today and I am in love! Not only do the UK bras look nicer and fit better I no longer feel like I’m wearing armer under my clothes! Thank you so much I can wear t-shirts again! :)

  22. Angela says

    I did this and according to your guidelines I would be a 44 M. I work at Lane Bryant/ Cacique and I was trained to bra fit through Macy’s as well. Two things are wrong in this. One, you skipped DDD in the sizing chart. Almost all stores carry that. Second, every person is made different. Every boob is shaped different. I wear a 44 G. If I tried an M it would be way too huge. A good bra fitter knows that the fitting is a good starting off point. Every bra is made different to fit different boobs. Some run small or large in the cups, others are tighter around. Material and style need to be taken into account as well. The around measurement is fine. That usually works well. If you are under 36 around though you need to add 3 inches. You’ll notice your bra fits better. The cup part is trickier. If you’ve had someone that’s been fitting for years they can help you better. If you get a newbie they’ll go strictly by the rules. You measure around the fullest part of the breast while wearing a bra. The tricky part is if it’s a badly fitting bra to begin with, you may be squished or sagging. A good way to double check your measurement is to measure around the top of chest right under the underarms. This is usually more accurate. But again this is a starting point. All bras are made different. This is way it’s important to try it on.

    • Ashley says

      I measure at 27 inches around my ribcage. Adding 3 inches to my band measurement does not work for me. Even some 28 bands are loose. I believe this post was intended as a starting point. Every person is different. Different breast shapes and densities are a huge proponent. I don’t really understand the concept on measure the top of the chest right under the underarms. This leaves out those with bottom heavy breasts. I think the most important is how you feel in the bra. Any way you go about the sizing, it’s always just a starting off point. It has to be comfortable and make you feel good.

  23. Emily says

    How did you decide on what size to get for the sports bra? I have a lot of trouble with the bouncing and would love to try the one you suggested.

  24. melissa says

    Okay, so I have a question for anyone who might be in the know on these matters: I followed the guide in this post and came up with a 32 G (UK) or 32 I (US) for myself. (I always thought I was a 36 C). I went to Wacoal’s site to check out their offerings and used their size calculator to make sure I was following the right guidelines for ordering one of their bras. According to them, I’m a 34 DDD.

    What gives? Do I follow the manufacturer’s guideline or not?

    After reading this and watching the video, I definitely think that a 34-36 band is too loose (I was compensating to get a bigger cup size), but shouldn’t manufacturers know their own product sizing?

    I’m confused! Help me!

  25. melissa says

    Also, when you say you are an “H”, is that in UK or US sizing? Are the bras you featured in US sizes? How do you know which letter size to go with?


    • Brittany says

      I’m a 38H in UK sizing, as I mentioned in the post, most reputable large size bras are done in UK sizing, as it is more accurate. You should be able to tell, either in the bra description or on the maker’s site, wether or not they use US or UK sizing. It sometimes takes some hunting, but it’s worth it!

  26. Eve says

    Great advise but I think it works better for “full” and nicely shaped boobs. Mine are small and are not nicely shaped at all. I have skin that is not filled with enough fatty tissue, so they just hang low… A nightmare. According to this, I should wear a 34H. In the meantime, I buy “super heavy duty double-lifting push-up” in 34D and can barely fill the cup. 34D without the push-up are wayyyy too large. There’s no way I am 34H. I wish I were, though!

  27. says

    Thank goodness you go where no woman apparently has gone before. I don’t consider myself a complacent woman, and yet for all these years I have just taken it for granted that bras are horrible, uncomfortable-yet-necessary contraptions. According to your nifty measurements, I’ve been stuffing my ta-tas into bras that are 4 cup sizes too small! And I’ve been measured multiple times by the helpful, twiggy A-B cup ladies of the lingerie department too!
    Thank you–from my boobs to yours.

    • Brittany says

      Well, because I am an idiot:) In truth, I’d never had an issue fitting into sports bras, my issue was more a trouble with support and holding me up. So with that issue in mind, I thought if it was tight, it’d only work better right? Not really a super accurate theory, but I’m being super held in.

  28. Kate says

    I don’t normally comment after reading an article.. but I have to comment on this one. I found this article on Pinterest and it changed my life.

    I have struggled with this issue my entire life (granted i’m only 24, but I feel like I’ve had boobs since I can remember). My mom and sister are small chested women and I’m the black sheep. Once I hit high school I gained about a cup size each year. Shopping for bra’s was always so frustrating. Like you, I was given the DDD size from Victoria’s Secret, which was always painful. I knew they didn’t fit, but I didn’t have anywhere else to turn. My mom, who has no clue what I deal with, tried taking me to stores for “bigger girls” (as she called it) but all the bra sizes were proportional to the cup size. I AM NOT PROPORTIONAL! I had to laugh at your first paragraph about under wires. I had no idea why I kept popping the under wire out of my bras! I popped the last one about a month ago but have been wearing sports bra’s (like two or three at a time) since because shopping for bras has become so disheartening. Not only will they not fit me, they aren’t even nice looking! Just plain old tan, black, or white. I’m 24 years old! I still want my underwear to look cute and girly. They don’t make “cute” bra’s in size DDD, which I never understood. Are girls supposed to have small boobs? When did that become a thing?

    But then.. I found your article. I followed your guide which said I was a 32H. A little shocked, I decided to just try out a bra and see how I feel. I ordered two Curvy Kate bras on Amazon ( LOVE AMAZON!!) and got them in the mail today. I put them on and was so amazed I had to cry. My whole life, I don’t think I’ve ever worn a bra that actually fit my body. You have no idea the amount of relief I felt to just wear a bra that fits! H cups are heavy!! haha. I put on just about every shirt I own and danced around my bedroom.

    Thank you so much!!! You have no idea how much you’ve helped not only my body image but my self-esteem. Not to get all mushy gushy on your webiste, but I had to tell you because I felt like I’ve been struggling alone! Anyways, thanks again.

    • Brittany says

      I am so incredibly happy for you! It’s life changing. Yes, it’s just a bra, but when it effects the clothes you wear, the muscles in your neck and back and chest… finding relief means everything. And cute bras? I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS AN OPTION!

      Congrats on your new bras, enjoy every second of your new freedom!

  29. Sheg says

    Good heavens, I’m almost 70, and finally have a bra that fits comfortably and perfectly!
    Thanks so much for the great video to show me how to measure myself!

  30. peggy says

    Two things I hate to buy – bras and jeans! After reading your post and CGG I was willing to take the plunge. Santa UPS delivered my purchase yesterday. Normally I can wait to try on clothes but I immediately opened the package and thought I that THING was way too big. Well it did fit in the band and the bottom of the cup. But the top of the cup could be stuffed with tube sock. Ugh so disappointed. Back to the drawing board.

    • Brittany says

      Don’t give up! All bras fit differently, this may not be the designer for you. Just like jeans, ALL brand fit differently, keep at it!

  31. Stephanie says

    Ok…. I’m measuring 38O??? 38/53 were my measurements… Any suggestions where I could find a good quality bra in THAT size? This is just mind blowing! No wonder I have been miserable in a 38G-40DDD! The last sales lady at Lane Bryant was completely rude not thinking I was even THAT size…. I would swoop from the bottom, but not the sides, then tuck, tuck, tuck the over spills… Any suggestions welcome…

  32. Sarah says

    Great article. I’ve struggled with this issue most of my adult life. Finally my correct bra size a few years back. In response to a question about finding nursing bras, I recently found out that Nordstrom can convert and bra into a nursing bra. Changed my life. It’s about $15. Or if you have a Nordstrom credit card, I think you get free alterations up to $100.

  33. Christina Lambert says

    Try Belle Lingerie on Ebay as well ladies. They have great swimwear as well as bras in all sizes.

  34. Amy says

    This article was hilarious and informative. I’m going to try fitting this way as soon as I find my tape measure. Snapping a wire is shit! I’ve never known anyone else to snap their bra wires. It’s embarrassing! Even happened at work a couple times. I’ve hated my boobs for 10+ years now. Maybe this will help me to like them again.

    Have you tried Strappy Tops? http://www.bravissimo.com/products/strappy-tops/ If you have, are they any good?

  35. amy says

    How do you find companies to shop from online? I am so tired of under boob spillage and top spillage. Basically crappy bra from Lane Bryant. Please any help will be appreciated.

  36. amy says

    How do you find companies to shop from online? I am so tired of under boob spillage and top spillage. Basically crappy bra from Lane Bryant. Please any help will be appreciated.

    Do you take measurements with or without a bra on?

    • Brittany says

      Take your bra off, you should be taking measurements without any clothes on. Finding companies has been trial and error. The brands I have featured above have worked well for me.

  37. Kyla says

    I went for it! I actually found a few cute ones with the 44 band size! Yay! I did change in one as you said that worked for you, and they didn’t actually have the 44 H….*Fingers crossed* Hoping the arrive before my trip, and they fit perfectly! Then I can spread the word to my momma…where you think I got these honkers? Seriously! Thanks Brittany!!

  38. says

    I love using this method for fitting! My daughter is just entering the world of boobs/TaTas. This is the method I tried to use for her, but I had forgotten to do the DANGLE! I’ll have to save that for when she trully deserves an embarrassing mom moment.

  39. says

    Came across this site from a pin on Pinterest. Great info and love the humour!Just one question. You mention that on subtracting 38 from 49 and getting 11 and then checking out the chart to check for cup size. I could be sounding totally retarded but could you also mention what chart you used?


  40. Maria says

    I have been wearing a 38 B or C cup for years and by the measurements, I am really a 36 DD… I bought two bras that are the same to get used to my new bra. I do feel that the bra fits a bit tight being that it leave a red mark around me. Should I try going up a size band and down a cup size resulting in a 38D??? Any help provided would be super!!!

    • Brittany says

      They say to always let the band be the tightest feature, because it stretches. Have you tried another brand? They all fit so differently. But if you want to stay in the current brand, you could size up once in the band and down a cup size.

  41. Krista says

    I had a bra fitting done, and yes it fit the boobs great but it rubs at the edge of my armpit (extra side-boob area). Everyone I have tried does this.

    • lyonaria says

      I have the same problem with a lot of bras. I’ve found balconets are good for less rubbing in that area. I have a small ribcage and the “root” of my breasts is really large. They just keep getting bigger, while I don’t. I’m a 32Gish. I haven’t been fitted lately.


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