Last Call Brittany: Getting Real About Father’s Day… With Daddies!

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This episode, we put a pause on the lady business, and welcomed a very brave group of boys to join our panel. We talked about living through childbirth, sex talks, Father's Days must haves and no thank yous, and so many more absolutely hysterical moments. Warning: If you are ovulating, by the end, you'll probably [...]

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Oh Shit! The Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Hey guess what? This Sunday is Father's Day. Yeah, I didn't remember, either. So what were you thinking? Maybe a monogrammed laptop bag? A rustic leather man bracelet personalized with the kids names? Good ideas! You should remember those for next year when you have a chance in hell of receiving any of those things [...]

Father’s Day 4: It just keeps getting better.

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I never know what to get Andy for Father's Day. His first father's day, I got him a bunch of framed pictures of Jude for his desk, and a set of expensive lobster shell cracker things. Andy: I love these pictures.  What is this metal thing?  A tuning fork? me:  A tuning fork?  No, it's [...]


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I didn't forget to put this up officially on Father's Day.  I was just too caught up in celebrating my husband yesterday...with BBQ ribs and hand jobs.  But, I did write this post for him in a totally timely fashion, so that the world can know that he is completely awesome, and his kids adore [...]