Incontinence in Your Thirties?

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When you hear the phrase "quality of life," it usually drums up some sort of terminal health scenario. When my grandma's cancer advanced, her "quality of life" was in the forefront of our minds as we made decisions and next steps. It's something you hear on prime time medical dramas as doctors stand over unresponsive [...]

168 Women

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“The authors suggest that one reason why [using plus size bodies in advertisements is bad] being larger-bodied may appear to be contagious is that as it is seen as more socially permissible, individuals exhibit lower motivation to engage in healthy behaviors and consume greater portions of unhealthy food.” – AMA  […]

The Girl’s Girl

By |2017-06-14T12:39:20-04:00March 18th, 2015|Friendship, Womanhood|

Yesterday my friend Loren said something incredibly kind about me. She called me a "girl's girl." Someone that fights to level the girl playing field, and reminding each other that we're on the same team and we need to look out for each other. This is Loren and I before Field Day at Camp Throwback. [...]

Pink Eyes Are The Prettiest Eyes

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Someone just come over and put this damn Lunette menstrual cup inside me correctly. I don't have the will to figure it out, internet, I just don't. I tried youtube'ing it, but almost no one has a legitimate menstrual cup insertion video. They all puss out using champagne glasses or diagrams of the inside of [...]

If These Spanx Could Talk

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We spent last weekend at a wedding for one of Andy's college friends, and it was one of those situations where he was in the wedding, but I was not, and that's fine. Seriously. The less I need longline strapless bras in my life, the better. They always start off okay, but by hour three, [...]

I invent things.

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Andy cannot stand my face these days. I honestly can't blame him, I've been positively miserable to live with. I've been all yell-y and angst-y and irritable. I'm not really sleeping, I feel like one eyebrow is more arched than the other, and I have this weird mole on my arm that I can't get [...]

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