How To Assemble Furniture

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Yesterday I tried to put together a television console we had purchased for the play room. Nothing fancy, just an Ikea clearance item we picked up a few weeks ago that I was tired of Andy giving me the annoyed face about every time he tripped over the heavy box going out to the garage. [...]

Your Mouth is a Horror Movie

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The older I get, the less things, in general, gross me out. It's like, you can only ignore the stuff splattered underneath the toilet seat so many times until you realize, nobody else is going to clean that shit up, so you might as well tie a sweatshirt around your face, put on some rubber [...]


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Sunday I fly out to Wisconsin, and thus starts the annual cycle of fear. I've talked way too many times before about my fear of flight, but it didn't occur to me, until recently, how my fear of flight was effecting others. Color me selfish, y'all, but it turns out, people hate traveling with me, [...]

I invent things.

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Andy cannot stand my face these days. I honestly can't blame him, I've been positively miserable to live with. I've been all yell-y and angst-y and irritable. I'm not really sleeping, I feel like one eyebrow is more arched than the other, and I have this weird mole on my arm that I can't get [...]

A series of bad decisions.

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Andy, the guy is telling you to stop. ... There is a horse in the road, Andy, that guy isn't waving, he is saying stop your car. ... ANDY STOP THE CAR. Fine. Christ, I am pretty sure holding his hand up to you from the middle of the road in front of a giant [...]