Thanksgiving Dressing

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Over the river and through the woods... It's almost Thanksgiving, and if was up to me, the only requirement would be a hair tie and my eating sweats, but in my house, it's a holiday that requires a touch of decorum, and an underwire bra. I mean, we're rarely fancy, but I like to eat warm [...]

Jeggings Weather

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My kids measure everything in sleeps. How many sleeps 'til we go to Disney? How many sleeps will you be gone? How many sleeps until Ice Age 10 comes out? Ok, the last one kills me. How many Ice Ages are we going to make, 20th Century Fox, until we finally admit to the kids [...]

Outfit of the Day: White Jeans

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I thought I'd start to do little fashion sneak peeks on the occasion I actually dress myself to leave the house. As seen in my most recent Spring Dress Up collection, I love white pants, which is in direct violation to the rule that curvy women should stay away from white and stick to black. [...]

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Fat girl. Skinny jeans.

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I was never cut out for the convent. I matured very early. The boobs, while not ideal for God's work, were perfect for getting me teased through junior high and felt up in high school. But, they came with a price. A foundation made of huge thighs. I have been called thunder thighs exactly two [...]