Old Hollywood Glamour

By |2017-06-14T11:47:18-04:00January 22nd, 2015|Dresses, Fashion, Shoes|

If I could have one totally frivolous and useless goal in life, it would be to put myself in a position to sometimes wear formal wear. In theory. Because in theory wearing fancy gowns with sparkly bangles and gorgeous heels sounds like an absolute dream come true. In reality, Oh My God, why does all [...]

Bohemian Summer

By |2017-06-14T11:50:44-04:00July 28th, 2014|Dresses, Fashion, Jewlery|

I don't have a single summer memory of my childhood that happened indoors. We simply weren't allowed. For years and years, summer meant my parents kicking my little brother and I out of the house to explore, play and entertain ourselves until dark. Sometimes it was amazing, sometimes it sucked. I went into fall with [...]

What I Wore: Summer Boho

By |2017-06-14T11:51:41-04:00May 23rd, 2014|Dresses, Fashion|

Sometimes I feel like I was supposed to have been born an Olsen. Like the 4th fat one, who's super excited for her sisters' successes, but has no interest in Hollywood and instead stayed home to work at a bank or something. The boho gene is strong in me. I have fun dressing up in girly [...]

The Muse Project

By |2017-06-14T11:55:26-04:00January 14th, 2014|Body, Bras & Panties, Dresses, Fashion|

When you are plus size and have self esteem issues, it's not uncommon to hate January 1st. Once I eventually got past the dread of imminent resolution failure and looming hyper-inadequacy, I tabled New Years as nothing more than the passing of a calendar year. No more resolutions. No more unreachable standards. No more change. [...]

Thanksgiving Dressing

By |2017-06-14T11:57:57-04:00November 22nd, 2013|Dresses, Every Day, Fashion, Jeans, Shoes|

Over the river and through the woods... It's almost Thanksgiving, and if was up to me, the only requirement would be a hair tie and my eating sweats, but in my house, it's a holiday that requires a touch of decorum, and an underwire bra. I mean, we're rarely fancy, but I like to eat warm [...]

The Mexican Dress

By |2017-06-14T16:22:14-04:00September 15th, 2013|Dresses, Fashion, Outfit of the Day, Travel|

While in Mexico, I fell in love with the gorgeous hand embroidered dresses the Mayan women were selling in their shops. I annoyed all my friends as I ducked into every roadside store digging through piles and piles of fabric, trying to find the perfect dress, my obsession being the sole thing between them and a [...]

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The Mini Skirt

By |2017-06-14T12:06:48-04:00June 4th, 2013|Dresses, Fashion|

Mindy Kaling does this thing I love, get ready, because it's groundbreaking... She wears mini skirts and she tucks her shirt in. Which is, in chubby Brittanyland, a mind blowing concept. I mean, my grandma always told me to tuck my shirt in, but she was old and didn't know who Shanice was at the [...]

The Summer Chubby Arm Shuffle

By |2017-06-14T12:07:02-04:00May 30th, 2013|Body, Dresses, Fashion|

It's June and you're off to your friend's wedding. It's, like, 90 degrees out, so you put on your favorite tank top or sundress, grab your keys, and just before you walk out the door, you slip on your trusty cardigan. Because it's summer and you're wearing a sweater. You rationalize it like, dude, I'm [...]

Summer Maxi

By |2017-06-14T12:11:53-04:00March 29th, 2013|Dresses, Fashion|

Yeahhhhh.... no. I know my body. I know my thighs. I know how attractive I look fishing fabric out of the fold of my vagina. Bottom line? I am not built for shorts. Even at my thinnest, like in high school when I thought I was a fat ass but would now drink the blood [...]

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