Semi nude, semi always.

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I run a small spray tanning business in town. I spend 20 minutes at a time, airbrushing naked people. Well, not completely naked. I make them keep their panties on. I say it's because it's unsafe to spray the membranes down there, but really, I am uncomfortable spraying at eye level to a poorly shaved [...]

Give Me the Simple Life

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Let me start off by saying, my day would kick your day's ass, ANY day of the week. Typically, I am up at 4am, while the irish twins and spouse are still snoring away. I dread heading into the den, cleaning up whatever random snackings my husband left on the desk after a late night [...]

I think I just threw up in my mouth.

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Me: Oh, you're up! I am going to make pancakes for breakfast. Want me to throw in some blue berries or bana...wait...what are you eating?Hub: What, oh just a snack, nachos.Me: Those don't look like nachos, they look weird. What's on them?Hub: Cheese. And some cut up hotdog I found in the drawer.Me: First, that [...]