Why it’s so hard for me to be religious.

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This is a personal issue I've been struggling with. And, by personal, I mean mine. I can't possibly articulate, value or judge your beliefs. I can only wrestle with my own. There's an old joke amongst former Catholic School attendees; you can tell who went to Catholic School because they're all atheists now. Many of [...]


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In light of this week's State of the Union Address, I thought I should maybe just come out and share something with you. I'm...apolitical. Kinda like being asexual, only way easier, because it doesn't require me to know how to tie a man's necktie. Socially, I am what you might call, liberal, and that takes [...]

Running (er briskly walking) with the devil

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I fee like I have gotten fat. That's because you have. Seriously! You've noticed?  Noticed what? That you can't fit into anything, your arms have bat wings, and you have been secretly photoshopping your double chin out of the 4th of July picnic pictures? Um, yeah, I've noticed. Wow, I appreciate your candor. I guess [...]