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The Divorce.

By |2011-11-16T19:02:02-04:00November 11th, 2011|Marriage|

This weird thing happens when you get married. You get a sudden desire to accumulate couples friends. As in, friends that are couples.  So you can all do things collectively.  And talk about couples things. Like...tax exemptions and the perks of having a joint Facebook account, while we each uncomfortably make out and use pet [...]

Way to Go, Bruce Jenner.

By |2017-06-14T16:14:53-04:00November 2nd, 2011|Pop Culture Addiction|

Ok so, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce after 72 super hard days of marriage, and a two part wedding special on E!, or as I like to call it, the Ryan Seacrest is Ruining Humanity Channel, that netted her a rumored 17 million dollars. Well, this makes sense. Gay people can't get married in the [...]