I Compare Myself to You. Every Day.

by Curvy Girl Teen on November 26, 2010

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Every day when I come home, I gaze at myself in the mirror. I inspect every inch of my body, at every possible angle and have come to my conclusion: my thighs are too big, my hips are too wide, my stomach is too fat, my shoulders are too broad, and my skin isn’t clear.  Every day, I dread going to school. It’s like every where I turn I see a thinner girl, with a prettier face, with perfect hair, and a perfect life.

I want to scream every time I hear one of my friends say something like, “I’m so fat, I feel huge, I’m going on a diet because I’m gaining weight.” I ache when I hear them make remarks like that because it just makes me so sad that people like them who are thin and beautiful, truly believe that they aren’t as small as they actually are. But then again, I am one of those people. I make those remarks on a daily basis.

So why do I feel like I’m not enough? I just want to be thin. I compare myself to almost everyone now. It’s so hard to live in today’s weight obsessed world because I feel like I have to be skinny, and I’m not quite there yet. I feel like advertisers in magazines, commercials, ads, etc., only sell their products by using one body type, which would be slim. One concern that I do have that advertisers are unaware of, is when they use these slim bodies, they are the reason that me and every other teenage girl in the world become so unhappy with ourselves. Especially during the teen years, when we are eager and desperate to fit in. All we ever want is to be accepted by our peers and everyone else. and I am almost positive about 99 percent of teenage girls today, feel the same way I do and it is a challenge that we struggle with every single day.

A.L., 15, Texas

Livluvlaf17 November 26, 2010 at 3:30 pm

Dis iz a rly gud topic I feel lyk I cn rly compar 2 u and u r a rly gud riter and I jus wana say rok on!!!!!!

Mishelle Lane November 26, 2010 at 6:57 pm

I know the feelings. All too well. Just keep seeing the beauty, because you know it’s there. Just like I did.

Katy November 26, 2010 at 7:57 pm

Think about your health, not your weight. It’s easier said than done, i know…and it’s hard to really care about your health in the big picture when you’re 15…seems like you have forever to worry about that!

But if you can drown out even half of the messages that tell you how you should LOOK and focus instead on how you FEEL and what makes you feel HEALTHY and STRONG…the looks will take care of themselves.

Just my two cents.

Meredith November 27, 2010 at 11:04 am

Ugh! I used to hate to hear my friends say THEY needed a diet. I know exactly how you are feeling. Keep in mind, it gets WAY better. In the real world, you will meet real women. And they will think you are beautiful and you will think they are equally beautiful.

But I think you and your friends are already WAY beautiful.

Shortstuff:) February 24, 2011 at 3:33 pm

Oh my GOSH!! I know exactly how you feel! I’ve gone through the same thing. As i was reading your story, i was naming in my head, some of my friends who say they are larger, when they only weigh 86 lbs. at age 13! I weigh alittle bit more than alot of girls in my grade, and i don’t even feel comfortable going to the pool in a swimsuit, wearing short shorts, and even dressing out for P.E.!! i know exactly what you mean when you say, “it’s so hard to live in today’s weight obsessed world because I feel like I have to be skinny, and I’m not quite there yet.” So true… so true.

Kassie April 4, 2011 at 9:25 pm

Exactly I have freinds size 1 and I hate when they say that and then when I make a remark about my weight to one of my friends they say your not fat your fine and I want to beleive them but in reality I know they are just saying it to make me feel better but truth be told it only makes me feel worse about myself like my weights so bad my friends have to lie to me to make me appreciate the way I look.

Bella June 12, 2011 at 9:47 pm

Hey, I know what you’re going through. I used to think exactly like that, that I needed to be skinny. But then I realized that it wasn’t me who should be dieting and trying to loose weight, it is them that should be enjoying life! I’ve tried to diet before but stopped almost instantly because I realized that I love food to much. And why should I give up something that I love for something that society is telling me I should be. Instead of commercials using a skinny girl, they should be using a happy girl because, in the end, that is all anyone should be. So, what I’m basically saying, is that it is tough to be faced with so many people that are what someone in a big office with lots of money considers as “beautiful.” But, in the end, what we are all looking for is love and do you really want someone you would you would want to spend the rest of your life with only liking you for how you look on the outside? Don’t give up, instead remember that all these girls go around obsessing over their weight and we are the lucky ones who have realized that how you look isn’t everything, and that life is too short to not just live.

Jewel August 9, 2011 at 12:22 am

I know exactly how you feel…. Im always comparing myself to other girls and wishing i could be that skinny and thin… I just cant get over the feeling that i hate my body…. And i know how you feel about the friend part… My best friend is stick thin and shes always saying shes fat.. I want to tell her, If you think your fat what do you think i am??? Its nice to know im not the only one who feels the same way.. I hate this stupid pressure to be perfect when perfect doesnt exist…

millie August 24, 2011 at 12:45 pm

i just want to say, that i know exactly how you feel.
i’m 17. i’ve always been the ‘quirky’ one and i’m so much of an optimist that my glass is full to the brim. everyone knows i’m always happy, but i’m completely alone. i’ve never had a relationship and it’s not happening any time soon, which is the only thing that brings me down. this is my reason for feeling like i’m not skinny enough.
i don’t read magazines, i don’t idolize celebrities but i do see everyone around me. all these beautiful girls with their boyfriends/girlfriends make it look effortless.

i hate the idea that the world i live in makes us feel self-repulsed. i just want you to know that your weight honestly doesn’t matter. you don’t want to be skinny, because if everyone was skinny then we’d all be the same. being the same is boring. fitting in is boring. you should always be who you are and be someone to be jealous of. please, stay strong and good luck.

smitherenes13 November 26, 2011 at 12:30 pm

Ugh, I know exactly how you feel! I’m a size 16. My best friend on the other hand? A 00. No, that’s not an error. She’s a double zero. I’ve found that coming to places like this, or looking at the plus sized models, (or what I like to refer to as the real women) definitely make things easier. I can see that it doesn’t matter that I’m not a stick, because I can say that I’ve got kickin’ curves that these skinny girls don’t have a hope of gaining. So instead of comparing yourself to these itty-bitty-skinny-mini’s look at yourself by yourself. If you feel confident in what you’re wearing, than the rest doesn’t matter. Be proud of what God gave you, because there’s a reason you were blessed with the figure you were. You just don’t know it yet!

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