The only thing more surreal than experiencing Camp Throwback first hand, is seeing it from another person’s perspective. Following the #campthrowback hashtag on Instagram was my favorite pre-sleep activity as I lay in my sleeping bag each night, pretending there probably aren’t spiders near my toes.

Now that camp is over, I get the terrifying honor of reading about the event from attendees in blog form. It’s both amazing and panic inducing, maybe because it’s just all so personal. What a long and wonderful trip this has been.

Post-Camp Throwback Link Round-Up
(Will be updated as more posts come in!)

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Carrie: Normal Level of Crazy

Justine: The Chitlins & The Chitlins Part Deux

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The Jess Elaine

Gwen: The girl who was AWESOME

Theresa: The Curvy L


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Nothing adds a bit of pizzazz like some flashy marquee letters. Unfortunately, while Etsy offers oodles of them, they are largely out of my price range, and by my price range, I mean the amount Andy will confidently agree that I should spend on light up letters for a 4 day event.

Commence project DIY. I found a few different tutorials available online, and mostly adhered to this one on Ruffled, but I wanted to break things down a bit more, adding in specifics and more detail where it could have been helpful for me in the process. The entire process took a day, I’ll be using them at Camp Throwback year after year, and they got TONS of compliments from people who had NO IDEA they weren’t made of metal.

DIY Marquee Letters


2 Sheets of Foam Poster Board
2 Sheets of Regular Poster Board
2 Strands of LED Globe String Lights*
Glossy Red Spray Paint
Glossy Silver Spray Paint
Zip Ties
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Power Drill with very large drill bit (Optional but helpful)

*I used Philips 25 ct LED G40 Globe Christmas Lights. The plastic globes and LED light meant the bulb wouldn’t overheat and melt the foam board. The cheapest I was able to find these was at I used 2 strands, but ordered 3 to have a back-up.

1. Print out your letters on paper to trace onto the foam board. Font: Fette Egyptienne Size: 15 inches

2. Cut out and trace the letters onto your foam board. Then using a box cutter, cut out the foam letters. I could fit 2 letters on each board.

3. Starting at central points of the letter, mark where the bulbs will go. This is largely done by eye, but I put about 2.5 inches between each marking. The bulbs are large and you don’t want them too close together.

4. Using the large drill bit, drill through the foam to create your bulb hole. A few notes. 1. There is plenty of room for error here. The bulbs are large and will hide lots of mistakes, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. 2. After your drill the hole, use a nickle to help make the hole bigger by twisting it in the existing hole, it works better than tearing through with your finger. 3. Have a bulb on hand to practice putting through each hole to make sure it fits, the globes unscrews easily, so try out each hole. 4. You MUST do this before painting the letters. It’s a messy task, and you want it done before it’s all painted and pretty.


5. Take the letters outside, and spray them red. I applied two coats.

6. While that is drying, cut your regular poster board, length wise, into 4 inch strips, and then paint them (both sides!) with the silver spray paint.


7. Once everything is dry, get to work wrapping the silver poster board around the letters to create that faux metal look. Secure it with hot glue. This is a tedious task, and takes lots of cutting and bending, but it’s easy and looks amazing.


8. Insert the bulbs, and secure them in the back with the zip ties to keep the strands out of the way. You could also use duct tape, but this cheap fix is way more efficient.

9. Light them up! I found that if I attached some of the letters together on the back with duct tape, it helped them stand up a little more sturdily. I attached all the letters in the back except for the C.


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Ladies, drink the kool aid. It’s spiked.

CGG Community collage

A private Facebook group of like-minded ladies whose cycles have now aligned, creating an unstoppable machine of world changing, dirty joke telling, advice giving, pants sharing, every size accepting, hold my earrings have your back women.

In short, we’re the tits. You should come hang out with us.


Images courtesy and McGowan Images


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From the sleepless nights to the moments of pure joy. Motherhood can be a beautiful thing. And no place can I swoon over warm and fuzzy photos better than Instagram. I pride myself on my Instagram follows. They’re like friends sharing their lives with me, whether I’m bored in car line or hiding in the bathroom.

In honor of the mothers we love, I wanted to share the ones I love… stalking… the most.

1. Holly Russo. One stunning woman plus two gorgeous twins. I’m completely smitten. You can also check out her blog, here.

2. Mary Lauren. Motherhood is beautiful, overwhelming chaos. Mary Lauren is a personal mom role model of mine, and I will reluctantly share her with the world.

3. Chelsea McGowan. I have my own personal love affair with Chelsea (ahem here), but the fact is, on top of her beuaty and talent, she’s a mom who is living her dream. And there is almost nothing as inspiring as that. You can ogle her blog, here.

4. Stephanie Dohm. You know those moms who just make parenting look so fucking cool? That is Stephanie Dohm. It’s effortless and amazing and takes my breath away.

5. Amanda Magee. I’ve never had sisters. Not biological, anyway. But I love seeing the dynamic and living vicariously through Amanda’s iPhone lens. You can also read her brilliant words, here.

6. Nirasha JaganathThe perfect combination of mouth watering food and gorgeous mom moments. I follow Niri for her beauty and her food porn, but she gets me every time with her moments of sheer mom happiness. You can find her blog, here.

Shout out to my favorite celeb instagram mamas: Jessica Simpson, Busy Philipps, Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, and Leslie Mann.

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Why on Earth was I so late on the uptake with this? Bananas? Good. Ice cream? Good. Banana Ice Cream? Cheaper than other ice cream.

So apparently, you can make ice cream out of bananas. Just bananas, nothing added. They do this weird thing that when you blend them, they turn into creamy ice cream. My mind was blown. Science is amazing.

The kids and I made some with one of their dairy-free classmates, and we’ve been hooked ever since. Also, it’s so easy, a kid could do it, if you happen to let your kid play with blenders with super sharp blades, which I obviously do. NOW GET IN THERE AND MAKE ME MORE BANANA ICE CREAM, MINORS.

banana ice cream

1. Peel and halve 1 bunch of bananas (about 6). Cutting them up before you freeze them makes blending them way easier.

2. Put them in a gallon sized ziplock bag and toss them in the freezer until hard, 6-12 hours. As a Rule, we just now always have bags of frozen bananas in our freezer. Listen to me, this step is critical, you MUST freeze your bananas first, trust me, it’s way better than trying to blend them before they are frozen.

3. Once frozen, toss the frozen banana pieces into a Ninja/Yonanas/Vitamix/Magic Bullet/Food Processor/Blender/Whatever and blend until creamy. It will have the consistency of thick soft serve ice cream.

4. This is the step where you eat it, but if there is too much, don’t worry. It keeps great in a plastic container in your fridge, just treat it like regular ice cream!

Adding in some coco, vanilla or peanut butter makes a tasty addition. I like mine all natural and topped with some fresh cut berries.

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