So Friday I did my own personal equivalent of the polar bear plunge, and put up the yearly photo of me in a bathing suit, nay.. a bikini, and it’s become one of my favorite traditions. It’s like a starter gun to my spring/summer self esteem, which needs to top off at a higher level than my fall/winter self esteem, that mostly hides itself in cute jeans and tall boots and giant distracting cups of hot chocolate.

Last night, I took a look back at the journey, and it’s so amazing to see how far I’ve come with my body, and where this journey has taken me; stripping down on a TED stage, heckled on Huffington Post and the UK Daily Mail, strutting my stuff on Wendy Williams, and even featured on Good Morning America… all because a chubby girl from Ohio decided to like herself in a bathing suit. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Evolution of Swimsuit Confidence

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As if I don’t preach about it enough, I got my girl Jenny Talia HOOKED. And then she wrote a song about it, because that’s how she does it.

Did I mention she’s performing at Camp Throwback?

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Thai Cherry

Saturday night Sara and her husband, Mike, took me out to pop my Pad Thai cherry. I had been hesitant due to my dislike of peanuts (and peanut butter, sorry America), but it was magical.

I’m now considering auctioning off my Brazilian food virginity on Ebay.

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Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! I hope that your day is as full of love as mine.

1. Getting my first ever cavity filled. Erosion due to Acid Reflux. My streak has been broken, and I can no longer have my picture on the Hall-of-Fame wall. I’m taking this news in stride by breaking every vase in my house.

2. Help with three school Valentine’s Day parties at the same exact time. I might never be a Room Mom or in charge of costumes for the Christmas play, but I can scoop fruit, pass out napkins and drive for every field trip (I’m the mom with candy in my car.).

3. P.F. Changs’ take out and construction paper heart decorations. Aren’t holidays more festive without the general public?

4. Driving around after the sun goes down with milkshakes and Nick Drake as we all peer into the homes of strangers, imagining living completely different lives. We’re weird and creepy. We own that.

5. Drinking wine until we forget how to take my bra off. There aren’t holes up there, anyways.


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Whether you are snowed in or just like conducting all your Valentine’s business from the comfort of your couch, you can’t beat the romance of take out and a movie. Just me?

I’m low maintenance and don’t like pants.

If you do find your self at home this chilly evening, I’ve put together a list of my Top 10 Romance Movies… that have nothing to do with The Notebook.

Offbeat Valentine Movies

1. Penelope
2. Funny Face
3. Secretary
4. This is 40
5. Say Anything
6. When Harry Met Sally
7. Kissing Jessica Stein
8. Zack and Miri Make a Porno
9. Urban Cowboy
10. Timer

What movies romance the weirdo in you?