It’s fall. I don’t care what the calendar says, everything tastes like pumpkins and candy is snack size, that’s how you know. And fall time means tall boots time, which happens to be my favorite time of all!

Two years ago I tackled the elusive cluster that are wide calf tall boots, and I’ve lived to do it again. A little wiser. A little pickier. And even a little bit more wide in the calf (ugh, the fun size KitKats, man. Straight to my calves.).

Wide Calf boots are a tricky thing. They are hard to come by in person, on account of retailers continuing the age old tradition of only stocking 4 of them in-store no matter how high the obvious demand. So, the majority of shopping has to occur online. It sucks, it’s not fair. and it’s expensive. I wish people of all sizes could walk into to a store and put clothes and shoes on their bodies. Until that day comes, I’ll still be here with my 17.5-18 inch calves, trying out all the boots for you.  Sincerely, Saint Brittany of Ohio, Boot Martyr.

Naturalizer Tall Boots

Naturalizer Tall Boot Close Up

This is my first go at a really bad ass pair of motorcycle boots. Proportionally, this cut of boot scared me. I live by a very firm rule that nothing should cut you off at the widest part of your calf (apply this to capris, leggings, skirts, etc.). And yet, here we are. I love these boots. Yes, I need to have the outside side zipper open for them to be comfortable, but I don’t care, I’m obsessed with them.

Top: Sheer Linen Peasant Top, size XXL, Gap Outlet
Jeans: Distressed Rockstar Skinny Jeans, size 16, Old Navy
Jewelry: Wrap Bracelets: Florence Scovel
Boots: Naturalizer Balada Wide Shaft, Coffee Bean Smooth, size 10.5 $64.99

Fitzwell Black

Fitzwell Tall Black

If you listen to anything I have to say about tall boots, let it be these two words: leather upper. Seriously, I know it’s easy to grab a cheap pair of boots because you’re just so damn excited they fit. I’ve been there, I have fat calves and all I want to do is feel pretty. But trust me, go for the leather. It wears better, looks better, smells better, lasts longer, and is stretchable. I never have trouble tracking down amazing leather boots at great prices, and I never regret the time I spend on the hunt. Worth it.

Top: Rainbow Knit Cardigan, size XL, American Eagle
Jeans: Distressed Rockstar Skinny Jeans, size 16, Old Navy
Boots: Fitzwell Myla Wide Calf Boot, Black, size 10.5 $51.99

Fitzwell Tall Boots

Fitzwell Tall Wide Calf

Remember that whole “leather upper” thing I said up there. This is where I show you I know what I am talking about. If these boots look familiar it’s because I both live in them and featured them in my last tall boot post two years ago. Yup, two years. Two years and they are only getting better with age. The leather is butter soft and fits my legs like they were made for them. If I look like a Fitzwell addict, it’s because I am one. They make amazing leather wide calf boots. And they fit…. swell.

Top: Star Sweatshirt, size 3X, Old navy
Jeans: Distressed Rockstar Skinny Jeans, size 16, Old Navy
Boots: Fitzwell Valencia, Brown, Size 11 (No longer available, similar style here)

Things to remember while wide calf boot shopping…

1. Measure your calves while wearing jeans for an accurate measurement. No matter how tight those jeggings are, the extra layer of fabric matters.

2. The width of the shaft is made to be proportionate to the size. So the bigger the foot, the bigger the shaft. (That’s what she said.)

3. If the boots are leather, you can stretch them out by putting a gallon size ziplock bag full of water in the calf and freezing it. As the water freezes, it expands, stretching your boots.

Stay tuned, I have even more wide calf boots coming my way. The experiment marches on all fall!

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