1. Should I be concerned my pee is a burnt orange color? I feel like I should be.

2. This weekend, I missed out on the biggest event in my home town, aside from Annual Couch Potato Derby, because I opted to spend my Saturday…and most of today…on my knees next to the toilet, the victim of some violent stomach issue. You know when you get to the point in vomiting when there is simply nothing left to puke up, but your body insists on going through the motions anyways, until all that is left to heave up is stomach lining? 

I do.

3. Also…I can be seen over at Good Mom/ Bad Mom today, one half of which is run by my idol, Jenny the Bloggess. She’s like the Miss USA of the blog world, you know, the super fun one who had to go to rehab for drugs and making out with girls.

4. Go see my doppelganger, Brittany over at her blog the Pie Lady, she gave me an award, and not only does she correctly spell our name (Fuck you Britney!), but she makes is fucking hard to maintain my girlish figure with all her delicacies. Damn you Brittany and your pies!

6. Clearly…I have issues…

Cue Suspense.


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