I have gotten lots of request about my hair. Like what I use in it, and how I make it do… whatever it is it does.

So, here is a probably ineffective tutorial on how to get my hair. I actually did it two ways, a picture by picture breakdown, and then a video tutorial. (FYI video sound, horrific, courtesy my new laptop with, apparently, the worst mic in the world.)

This is a super quick tutorial on how to get the lose beachy-type waves you often see in my pictures. You can do this is you have straight, curly, or thick and assy hair, much like myself.

I have begun this tutorial with a fast prep that I swear by, if you’d like to skip the tips and prep, head on down to #5.

So, here is what you need.

curling wand
Moroccan Oil (Organix $6, Walmart)
Mousse (got2be Curling Mousse, $5 Walmart)
Hair Spray (Pantene, $5 Absolutely Anywhere)
Curling Iron (Remington Curling Wand, $24 Target)
*You can do this style with a curling iron,  just don’t use the clamp, wrap your hair around the whole outside of the curling iron.

1. First up, the shower. It all starts in the shower. If you have curly hair, you know that combing out your hair after a shower makes it all weird and stringy, like an 80’s perm, but if you don’t brush it out, you look like Bob Marley.

Curly Hair Lifesaver #1: Comb out your hair in the shower.

I shampoo with a cheap cleansing shampoo, then use a detangling conditioner, and let it sit on my hair for about 2 minutes. Then I use a wide tooth comb, and completely comb out my hair, in the shower with the conditioner still in it. Once it all combed out, I gently rinse out the conditioner and lightly dry it with a towel.

2. Once my hair is towel dried, I run a dime size amount of Moroccan Oil through my hair, avoiding my roots so they don’t look oily. And then I flip my head over and scrunch in some mousse. (Everybody knows dirty hair holds curl better, adding the mousse achieves that same grittiness without smelling like a hobo.)

Let it air dry for about 10ish minutes, because your goal is to braid this and have it be dry by morning. If my hair is sopping wet when I braid it, it will not be dry by morning, so I let it get to a damp-ish point.

3. Now you put your hair in two braids to sleep in and dry over night, just like Little House on the Prairie. I try to pull the top part of my hair tight, because I like the look of the curls starting midway down my head, and not at my scalp.

Curly Hair Lifesaver #2: I sleep in braids every night, it keeps my hair dread lock free and holds the body. I can get three days of hairstyles out of my hair when I braid it, and don’t need to add a single puka shell.

Straight Hair Lifesaver #1: If you have straight hair, braids are a great base to add curl to, this will totally help hold them in place.

wavy hair how to 7

4. In the morning, when your hair is dry, unbraid your hair.

wavy hair how to 6

Your hair should be kinky. Now, if you know me in real life, my hair often looks just like this, because it’s easy and I am lazy.

5. Now separate your hair into sections, take your curling wand, and selectively curl pieces of hair.

Wavy Hair Tutorial

When you don’t curl every piece, if looks more natural and beachy, and you avoid that Toddlers and Tiaras thing. Instead, just touch up the pieces that are laying funny or have a weird bend to them. Spray each finished section with hair spray and move on, do not loosen the curls yet, let them set.

6. Once you get through all your sections. Gently shake up your hair, loosening the curls and blending them in with the natural ones you have from Jesus…. or the braids.

curly hair tutorial

Keep playing with the style, because the more you mess with it, the more natural and gorgeous it’s going to look.

wavy hair how to 5

This is a little tight for my tastes, but the beauty of this style is that it will loosen a bit as the day goes on and I keep compulsively twisting my hair as I worry about things like war, internet laws and how many days until the Shamrock Shake comes back.

Wanna see me in action and way more in depth, awesome, turn up your speakers.

The Wavy Hair Tutorial from Brittany Gibbons on Vimeo.





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