I spent last week in New York City.

Since I typically travel based on food, going to New York City is a personal favorite, because I can eat like a king at both in world famous restaurants, as well as on almost every street corner.

This last trip was especially exciting, not only because I finally got to try burgers from the Shake Shack and a kabob from the cart on 8th, but because Lands’ End flew me out for a photoshoot, some videos, and then the Fall Preview Press Event.

Also, I had a king size bed. Which sounds like the least exciting part of the trip, but I assure you, it’s not. I have three kids and my lumpy queen size mattress smells like hooka and 1999, trust me, the king size sleep number bed was orgasmic.

In fact, it was so orgasmic, that Andy, who surprised me by tagging along last minute, kept trying to get all up on me, and I was like dude, why are you sleeping right next to me, we’re on vacation in a king size bed, I don’t even want to you’re in the same room as me right now, back it up.

I love Andy, but sleeping with shit not touching me is a rare treat I refuse to compromise.  Lucy and Ricky totally knew what they were doing.

But in all honesty, there was nothing vacation about this trip, it was an insane amount of work, and it was…well exhausting but absolutely amazing. Everyday I got up at 6am to head to the studio, and as I rode the elevator up, past Hugo Boss and Martha Stewart Living, it never not felt like a dream.

I was never not almost in tears when I showed up looking like this…


And they transformed me into this…



I never got used to people telling me I looked pretty, or asking my opinion on clothes, or styling, or color, or photos, or trends…

I hope to never be used to any of those things, because I don’t ever want it to not be special for me.

I want to keep feeling tingly in my belly about all of this, because it makes me want it even more. To take on these brands and show them that I am a demographic worth designing for and marketing to.

So, I blissfully floated through photoshoots and did fashion videos with real plus size models.

I did a super fun shoot throughout the city, and they even dressed Mr. Gibbons up as a Lands’ End model to tag along.


He pretended to be all whatever about it, but I could tell he was stoked…aside from the jeans, which were tight. He doesn’t like things so close to his balls, apparently. Also, I think he had guy-liner and lip gloss on. It was a David Bowie sort of day for him.





While I’m making bold statements about Andy’s feminine side, I’d also like to point out he spent the day reading Fifty Shades of Grey.





Like, he wouldn’t even put it down until a dog jumped in his lap. But, it’s not weird at all because I am the one with a litererotica problem, you guys.

My final day in NYC was spent at the Lands’ End Fall Preview, which is when they go big and show off their entire fall collection to magazine editors and fashion elite. It was the first time Plus Size had ever been part of the Fall Preview, and I was honored to be there to speak with people about plus size fashion. I walked into that show room, and it was amazing, what Lands’ End has done for plus size is amazing.






I don’t know if my expectations were too high, or I was drunk on plus size empowerism, but the only time I was disappointed that entire week was that day. I was disappointed how many magazines and editors and journalists glossed over the plus size section, if they even stopped at all.

While we had moments of absolute happiness and excitement, I couldn’t shake the fact that most still don’t want to embrace plus size fashion as, well, fashion. Sexy, gorgeous, trendy, young looking fashion. Clothes that look nothing like Roseanne or that crazy secretary from Drew Carey.

Clothes that I, and the majority of women in this country, can buy with real money and wear to feel strong and confident in; no elastic waist jeans or modified maternity cuts necessary.

We’ve got a long way to go.

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