So Friday I did my own personal equivalent of the polar bear plunge, and put up the yearly photo of me in a bathing suit, nay.. a bikini, and it’s become one of my favorite traditions. It’s like a starter gun to my spring/summer self esteem, which needs to top off at a higher level than my fall/winter self esteem, that mostly hides itself in cute jeans and tall boots and giant distracting cups of hot chocolate.

Last night, I took a look back at the journey, and it’s so amazing to see how far I’ve come with my body, and where this journey has taken me; stripping down on a TED stage, heckled on Huffington Post and the UK Daily Mail, strutting my stuff on Wendy Williams, and even featured on Good Morning America… all because a chubby girl from Ohio decided to like herself in a bathing suit. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Evolution of Swimsuit Confidence

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