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Yesterday I was on the Today Show talking about the article I wrote, Sex Every Day For A Year. It’s a post that’s gone a little viral across AOL and The Huffington Post, and like most internet things, the comments have been fun. The bottom line is this. I love that post. I love the conversation I’ve been able to have because of it. I’d write it a million times over, and not change a thing. I think talking about these things is important, and I am happy to take the bullet and do it on any platform I can hike my platform wedges up on, with the full support of my family. All of them. Even my 86 year old grandfather who called me yesterday super proud and not at all weirded out.

You either read it and get it, realizing it’s actually not about sex but rather taking responsibility for how I see my body and the way I let that effect my intimacy. Or you don’t get it, in which case, I’m jealous, because I would love to have no idea what feelings I’m talking about.

Shout out to my stylist, Gigi. She’s a bit eccentric and crazy hard to get into, but totally worth it.

Stylist Gigi


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