Ok, what is sexier than a rock star? You know, messy hair, 5 o’clock shadow, ripped jeans, tattoos, smelling of old whiskey and angst, up on stage, playing the guitar. Everyone woman loves them, and every guys wants to be them. They are pure sex.

Ya know whats not pure sex? Sitting on a smelly old couch in your husband’s friend’s basement watching him play guitar hero for 4 hours.

Darling, it’s not sexy seeing you “rock out” with your zombie video game face, where your eyes get all glazed over, and your mouth hangs open.

And I was actually kinda excited at first, I thought, hey…maybe he really wants to learn to play the guitar! And I started daydreaming about him serenading me with “Your Body is a Wonderland” on a bed of white linen sheets, while I lay there looking all hot like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

But when I decided to take the plunge and arrange for some guitar lessons for him from my brother, he scoffed at me, and called the idea lame. So, just to clarify. Learning to play a real guitar and me thinking it’s super sexy….lame. You fake playing a fake guitar to a fake cartoon audience on a video game….not lame?

I think the problem is…

You think you look like this.

But you really look like this.
(DISCLAIMER: Not my husband:)

One more time.

Not you.


I think I’ve made my point.


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