No Title, Just Me Screaming and Holding Your Hands and Jumping In The Air

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Everywhere I went, I was asked the same question. Sooo... what is this book is about? And then I give a perfectly wonderful answer about it being a funny memoir of my life as a fat girl and then growing up and being something great. But the truth is, the book is more about what [...]

My big fat night at Shuckers

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Last night, with a $100 gift certificate burning a hole in our wallets, we headed out to Shuckers in Swanton for dinner. You if have never been, you simply must go, their seafood is delish and their prime rib is to die for. It's one of the fancier places Swanton has to offer, and by [...]

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Review: The Ugly Duckling, Swanton

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I had the pleasure of spending my 3rd Wedding Anniversary at The Ugly Duckling, unconventional, yes, but a pleasure seldom experienced with two infants at home.The Duck is located downtown Swanton, not an area bustling with nightlife, so parking is ample, and pretty accessible in short distance. Walking into the Duck, you may feel as [...]

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Review: Nagoya Japanese Steakhouse, Perrysburg

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I should preface, Japanese cuisine is an all time favorite of mine, so I hold Japanese Steakhouses, and the like, up to very high standards.Nagoya is located in the back part of Levis Commons in Perrysburg. It is not, in any way, within walkable distance to the main shopping area. There is also not much [...]