Last Call Brittany: WTF Relationships

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Partners. Can't live with them, can't realistically cast magical spells to turn them into Colin Firth. Tonight I am getting the dirt on relationships, from people who find themselves inside one. Including a very special/reluctant/just kidding/if he ever wants a hand-job again guest... my husband. Panelists: Audrey Binkowski  & David Binkowski  Keili Lefkovitz  & Shane Johnson  Aimee Giese  & Bryan Bugfrog  [...]

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The Sprats

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Jack Sprat could eat no fat. His wife could eat no lean. And so between them both, you see, They licked the platter clean. The other day, out of the blue, Andy asked me if I found him as attractive as I did in high school. My immediate reaction was to laugh, which I did, [...]

2nd Shift Wives Club

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Last week, due to a series of co-worker vacations, Andy was put on second shift for 7 days. Now, before you go all, poor Brittany has to suffer through seven whole days with Andy working at night, whah whah- Imma stop you right there while I pull out my Second Shift Wives Club Rewards Card. [...]

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day

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Andy and I are not celebrating Valentine's Day until tomorrow due to scheduling. But, that works out perfectly, because we are currently fighting over who does more around the house, and I really don't expect this to be resolved until after dinner tonight. It's just honestly much easier to fight with him face to face, [...]

Metaphors get weirder after 2am.

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I haven't been sleeping well the last few months, and it's driving Andy crazy, because when I can't sleep, I feel like he should also not want to sleep, so he can talk to me about stuff until he bores me enough that I pass out. Andy hates this idea, mostly because he has to [...]

The Divorce.

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This weird thing happens when you get married. You get a sudden desire to accumulate couples friends. As in, friends that are couples.  So you can all do things collectively.  And talk about couples things. exemptions and the perks of having a joint Facebook account, while we each uncomfortably make out and use pet [...]

A series of bad decisions.

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Andy, the guy is telling you to stop. ... There is a horse in the road, Andy, that guy isn't waving, he is saying stop your car. ... ANDY STOP THE CAR. Fine. Christ, I am pretty sure holding his hand up to you from the middle of the road in front of a giant [...]


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In my experience, nothing extraordinary ever happens at 4am. When I was a teenager, it was sneaking back into my bedroom window before dawn, praying my mama wasn't waiting in my room threatening to send me to a convent where they don't allow push-up bras or wine coolers. In college, it meant drunk food at [...]

For Andy.

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I met Andy when I was 15. He got in a car accident in front of my house at the start of summer, walked up and asked to use the phone, and he never left. Before Andy, I had mix of odds and ends boyfriends. Mostly just good for kissing and driving me around. Andy [...]