Parenting in Two Photos

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Some days I call Andy at work and just make, like, a series of animalistic grunts and whines. Wheeeeeezzzeeeeee. Yeeeelppppppppp. Mew mewwwwwwww. Hisssssssss. Click. That is my best description of parenting. He always assumes I'm exaggerating. I now have photographic evidence. What Andy thinks our kids are like. What our kids are like. Andy, come [...]

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Meeting Wyatt

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Every morning on the way to school we listen to music and sing. When they get out I turn on NPR or POTUS to nerd out, but until then, it's a super long drive and yes, singing and merriment is had. The kids have a Spotify playlist, and it used to consist of mostly Disney [...]

Cough & Pee

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I've had this consistent dry cough for six days. It's not even productive, and it bugs that I even know how to quantify a productive cough, because if you were to ask me pre-kids if my cough was productive, I would have been like, fuck yeah it's productive, it just ate 2 sleeves of saltines [...]

The Mummy

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This weekend we're having a kid Halloween party. I'm really excited about it. Well I was more excited about it two months ago when I declared we were going to throw it and bought a bunch of Halloween magazines, and am slightly less excited about it now that I have to clean my house and [...]


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I've felt off for a couple weeks now, and I just want to lay on the floor, stare at the ceiling, and tell you this while the corners of my eyes well up, so come lay down next to me and let me say it all real fast before my voice gets all hiccupy. My [...]

Blanket Apology

By |2012-06-11T21:11:26-04:00June 11th, 2012|Musings, Parenting|

Growing up, I lived in a house with a minimum of 3-4 animals at a time. My mom was always taking in animals, and at one point even had a room with over 100 bearded dragons. Seriously. Having friends over was stressful and required hours of prep work; vacuuming up hair, lighting smelly candles, lint-rolling [...]

Why Summer Break Doesn’t Suck

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Today is Jude's last day of school. We did it, another year. Wyatt finished pre-school last week, which could not have come at a better time. While he started off the year strong, running into the classroom and wanting absolutely nothing to do with me, the last three weeks have been a shit storm of [...]