What boys do.

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Early this morning, I was busy in the kitchen putting some fresh flowers in a vase, doing the dishes, and keeping an eye on the breakfast quiche I had in the oven...ok...actually, I was on my tiptoes rummaging around in the cupboard for any renegade girl scout cookies that may have fallen out of the [...]

Sometimes fun can be free…and sometimes it costs $28.99

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Leaving hubby in charge of the boys is always a risky venture. Too many times I come home to Bedlam. But, feeling particularly charitable, and giddy about what is hopefully the last massive snow fall of the season, I decided to shovel the sidewalks...plus I had eaten like an entire box Carmel Delights, so I [...]

The ins and the outs.

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"OMG, does this look like a line to you?"It's almost spring time folks! And that means after a long winter of Ohioans doing what we do best, snowmobiling, beer drinking (actually, this is more a year round sport), hunting and baby making, we are ready to enter into a new season with freezers full of [...]

Letting our freak flags fly.

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"Your son is wearing Cars pajamas and snow boots." "So." "In church?" Of all the advice I have gotten in my two short years of parenting, and let me tell you, EVERYONE is always giving advice, it would be to choose your battles. Truer words were never spoken. I am comfortable in this relaxed lifestyle, [...]

Plays well with others

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I used to wear perfume everyday. And now, I don't even know where it is or if I even have any? My new scent is more like an odor.....mommy odor. I adopted it the day I gave birth to my first son, and I realized that I would have a little person living on my [...]

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