Bags of Goodies. Not Vomit. Maybe.

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Ever thrown up in car line before? Let me paint the picture for you. You take your kid to school in the morning, perfectly healthy, heck, you even look a little cute.  I don't know why, the rats in your hair are laying just right, perhaps?  Or maybe the zit you've been putting toothpaste on [...]

Sickness isn’t an excuse. It’s an alibi.

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If a mom coughs uncontrolably in a steamy hot shower on a Sunday afternoon, and no one was there to hear it, did it really happen? Trick question. Mom's don't get to take steamy hot showers alone, and the pee running down her leg is a dead giveaway. I've decided the whole, being a mom is a [...]

The Art of Mothering Things.

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This is the wrapper from the band aid that goes on mama's pee pee. Looking back, I think the highlight of my evening was when Wyatt came out of my bathroom, holding the stray wrapper from one of my maxi pads, and announcing his find to the dinner table. Whose guests included my 86 year [...]

To Gigi, With Love.

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Lots of memories in my life are fuzzy. How I got the scar under my chin. The time I woke up in an RV outside a Bass Pro Shop. The George Clinton concert I went to in college. But, I distinctly remember pushing Gigi out. Maybe it was the lack of drugs or the post [...]

The gift Andy doesn’t know he already got me.

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So, what are you getting me for Christmas? Gigi. Um no, I got you Gigi already, no re-gifting. Well, what are you getting me? Jude, Wyatt and a gift certificate to Best Buy. I thought we couldn't re-gift our kids to each other? I don't remember ever officially giving them to you, but they play [...]

Gigi and all things lovely.

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For the life of me, I couldn't remember what Andy got me for my birthday last year. I think monumental gifts stopped about four years ago.  We were too tired for intricacy.  Had too much baggage for quick getaways.  And, our birthdays were always kinda backburnered to the ordering of Lightning McQueen cakes and Bounce [...]

About Wyatt.

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It's almost 3am, and I am on a futon. Six years ago, this would have been a much different scene.  One with white eyeshadow, OAR and probably vomit.  Or, at the very least, some dry heaving. These days, Andy and I find ourselves on the futon for very different reasons. Mostly monsters. Sometimes ghosts. We [...]