A Photo Essay: I think I wanna marry you.

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I recently received an email asking how Andy and I got engaged, and because I actually have engagement photos, and I finally figured out what button makes my scanner work and can stop screaming CRUCIO! at it and throwing it across the office, I thought, why not? Plus Andy is all, it's not magic if [...]

The Rib of Man.

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This might be somewhat controversial, but as an amateur part-time scientist, it's my job to, like, hypothesize and think about stuff that the average person may not think of because they're too distracted by things like "debt ceilings" and "Google Plus." Every week my church sends out a newsletter, basically going over what was covered [...]

Bedroom Conversations.

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Uncomfortable conversations are my specialty. If there was a job that entailed sitting around all day, having uncomfortable conversations with people, I'd be the fucking CEO. Not, like, you've got six months to live conversations. But, the hey, you started your period on my couch conversations.  The I think I accidentally hit a opossum, or [...]

I don’t remember the part of our vows where I was the one nominated to be in charge of keeping everyone alive.

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Why are we all in the shower with you, mom? I was just asking myself that same question, Wyatt. Who decided I am allowed to be left alone for a week with three children? Someone drunk, apparently. Last night it stormed.  Super loudly.  It was the Donald Trump of storms. I was all, seriously, storm, [...]

The Itch.

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There is a room in our house that overlooks our pond. It has floor to ceiling windows on each wall, and is, by far, my most favorite room. It's mostly empty, save for an old leather couch, chair and ottoman set I bought at a flea market. It's a kid free zone, what with it's [...]


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Last Saturday, as part two of a blizzard came through Ohio, I dropped my mom off at her house after lunch and some shopping, I reversed a little too far, and got stuck. Why do you think you can just plow through everything with your car? I have 4wd. Yeah, but the snow is three [...]

That whole, being meant for eachother thing….

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Are you seriously watching a recorded replay of your video game battle from last night? Um, I'm sorry, aren't you the one who just spent 2 hours youtubing how to play a ukulele? Touche Andy, touche.  There are one hundred thousand other reasons, just like this, that are getting us on a plane today, for [...]

Lump. The finale.

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I assumed he needed a full bladder. Any time I've ever had to have an ultrasound, I've needed a full bladder. You see the baby better that way. I assumed the same theory held for testes. It does not.  Andy went to the bathroom while I stayed behind with the ultrasound tech. Are you going [...]


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Andy is slowly allowing me to tell this story.  Bit by bit.  But, it's an important one, and one we both agree, had moments of utter hilarity.  I will randomly start to share those moments with you now. My mom came over to watch the kids so we could go running together. Which doesn't sound [...]