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I arrived in Florida to tornadoes, hail, cool temperatures... oh, and an email box full of requests from morning news shows. All because a chubby girl wore a bikini on the internet. I mean, can you even imagine!? So, yesterday we spent the day poolside with the crew of Good Morning America. We talked about [...]

The Tiny Fashionista

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Having a girl has been a really, really awesome head trip. After two boys, I totally wanted a girl, but I had no idea what I was getting. I mean, it's way better than I expected, but sometimes Andy and I look at each other all... Where did she come from? How does she know [...]

Her third year.

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Once upon a time, a beautiful and really rested and youthful looking queen was pregnant with a baby girl. Everyone in the kingdom was super excited, and the queen just glowed with happiness, as she already had two handsome princes who, while totally adorable and sweet, mostly liked playing video games and peeing in the [...]