Listen, It’s Okay To Be Alone At Christmas

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I have a very romanticized idea of the holidays. I function at a Clark W. Griswold level of holiday merriment from November through mid-January. It's obnoxious. I grew up having amazing Christmases with my grandmother before she died. She filled every room of her house with friends and family as the Rat Pack hummed from the [...]

Cheers, Betty.

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Having a live tree has been a live, in-home therapy session for my closeted holiday OCD. We had such a magical day planned to go pick out the perfect tree. We'd hop in the car and sing Christmas carols the whole way. We'd walk together down the rows and rows of trees, homemade hot chocolate [...]

I am Santa.

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Alright, who's coming over to clean this mess up? I blame these heathens. On December 24th my house was Priest-clean (what's that? Oh, click here.), but by 7am on December 25th it turns into a dump and I'm waiting for the Junk Lady from The Labyrinth to pop out all, what's the matter, don't you [...]

Merry Christmas to…well mostly Andy.

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This year for Christmas, Andy and I decided that we would forgo getting each other traditional presents, and instead buy some new furniture and a new TV. The furniture being my gift, although I apparently have to let everyone use it. The television, even though we have a perfectly fine 46 inch flat screen hanging [...]