Portobello Mushroom Penne Pasta

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I actually had somebody email me for a recipe. Because, apparently, I'm a food blog. So recipes are supposed to be here. *snore* Ok, let's see. Portobello Mushroom and Spinach Penne Pasta.  It's hearty, cheesey and pretty much guarantees you will be licking the casserole dish clean.  Swear to God. This was originally a vegetarian [...]

60 Easy Minutes to Yum

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I am sure everyone has a version of this dish. It's the easiest thing to make when it's yucky outside, and you are too tired to get all fancy. It's also easy to alter, add in some fresh veggies, or different soup flavors. Here is the version I grew up with, and the "I won't [...]

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I rarely tackle Mexican food. I blame acid reflux, and a general distaste for beans. So, it takes a really yummy recipe to get me on board, and my mom's enchiladas do the trick! Like all my recipes, this is low fat....snort....just kidding.  I love fat pants.  Feel free to low fat this one up [...]

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Chicken Tetrazzini

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What's better in the freezing cold of winter than some cheesy, gooey Italian comfort food? This was a new recipe I tried from a friend who spends WAY too much time on allrecipes.com, and after some modifications, I found it to be superb! This, of course, can also be made with turkey, and goes great [...]

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