Garage Fridge

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This weekend we put a fridge in our garage. We have a garage fridge. Exciting, right? Okay just stay with me here, I have a point, let me muddle about to get there a sec. We put a fridge in our garage... and then I had an emotional breakdown. See? There's the hook you were [...]

Our Deepest Sympathies.

By |2017-06-14T15:44:18-04:00April 12th, 2011|Growing Up, My Life|

Yesterday I came home from the store to find a deflated mylar balloon in the tree next to my driveway. I pulled it out, because after our recent raccoon uprising, I feel the need to restore balance and look like I am attempting to keep animals alive and healthy. Plus, I accidentally hit a goose [...]

Brad Pitt

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I'm very sick. I blame my post surgery compromised immune system, but I have contracted the worst cold ever. It's like the apocalypse of colds. It has me laid up, permanently, on the couch, while I do important things like watch the boys play Lego Batman on Xbox and help Gigi dress and undress the [...]

About aging.

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Barring some form of sudden disfigurement, I don't ever want to get plastic surgery on my face. I saw some surgery show once when I was little.  A woman was getting her jowls tightened and they peeled her whole face off. I couldn't eat Spaghetti O's for months after that. No matter how many wrinkles [...]