If I could sum up my swimsuit aesthetic this year in one word, that word would be… boobs. And I love it.

I’m 36 now, and sorry folks, there is no end in sight for this girl’s provocative spirit.

Oh my God, that Brittany, shameless. 

For the second year in a row, I decided that swimsuits are more fun in groups, so I invited some friends- in various manner of body type- to meet me for an afternoon of food, booze, bathing suits and empowerment. We met at a fun new barcade (which is a real thing that I could not be more excited about) in Perrysburg called Reset, and went to work stripping down and raising our glasses.

I couldn’t pick a favorite shot, so I’ve decided to share a few. May you see them, relate to them, and feel empowered enough to commit the normal human act of being a bad ass lady in a bathing suit.

We’ll just be here waiting for you by the pool, hurry up, we ordered you an umbrella drink.

This year, I pushed pause on my normal bikini, and tried out a teal monokini from Forever 21 Plus.

It was insanely comfortable and insanely sexy, all at the same time. I have been, admittedly, a little self conscious about my breasts in the past.

They are large, heavy, and… long.

Traits that typically have me gravitating toward underwire tops, which are both uncomfortable, and still unflattering.

Because my boobs are long and bottom heavy, all the underwire tops sold at Torrid, Target and the like are too shallow in the cup, leaving my boobs to pool up high under my chin, leak together like a butt crack, and spill out the second I bend over.

I need a deep cup my boobs can sit into, and underwire be damned, this monokini does just that.

Can I chase a kid at the beach wearing it? No. That’s what my husband is for.

Confidence is contagious, and on top of the stunning women who joined me at Reset last weekend, here are more women from around the country excited to show you their swimsuit confidence!

Now it’s your turn. Post your swimsuit photo on Instagram and don’t forget to tag it #cgswimconfidence

Meredith, Lisa, Lyndy, Erin, Sara, Brandie, Melanie and Brit, THANK YOU for joining me on this adventure, you are the best friends!

Monokini: Forever 21 Plus, size 2x

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