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Like many women, my love affair with summer has been a journey. A long- sweaty, thigh chaffing- journey. Shorts, tank tops, bathing suits, I mean… it’s a lot to emotionally unpack, but once I did, can you even imagine how exciting that was for me?

Exciting is an over-sell.

An extra taco in the bag they hand me in the drive-through is exciting, this was more like a relief.

One of the very first ways I embraced summer was to stop covering my arms. It’s been about eight years.

To be honest, it wasn’t even some grand epiphany about loving them. Ohio is just a sweltering humidity monster in the summer, and I decided that I would rather feel cooler than worry about looking like my arms were thinner.

Perks: Definitely cooler. No more weird tan lines. No more armpit stains. Money saved on shrugs and jean jackets.

Cons: Honestly none. Just show your arms.

Alright, so there is step one, make the decision to show your arms. Got it.

Step two is obvious; buy all the cute tank tops you want, you have my permission, go crazy.

And then yeah, step three is to find a bra that sits beautifully under a strappy tank top, holding me in on the sides, and is light and soft for summer.

Currently summer bra fling? Cacique’s Intuition Unlined Full Coverage Bra.

Cacique’s For The Love of Curves and belief that every body is unique and should be celebrated is the very definition of my summer: be seen, feel amazing, enjoy every second in the sun, repeat.

My Cacique bra size is 40 F, and by expanding their sizing to include band sizes 32-50, and cups A-K, that means more women have access to the brand’s fit and design.

Now take that sweater off, let your shoulders out, and enjoy your body this summer, we’re all waiting for you and it’s a hot one today, girl!

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