Small town life has lots of perks. Everyone knows your name, a safe community feel, no traffic, no stop lights. Buuuut…it does have a downside. The one grocery in town is family owned, and while it’s nice to walk in and have the 90 year old cashier, Pearl, greet me when I walk in, or how the pharmacist, Jeff, knows both my kids names and how many colds they’ve had this year, the prices there…YIKES! There is no such thing as bargain shopping in a one horse town. The only thing that goes on sale there is in season corn and ground chuck.

If I can help it, when I need to do my major shopping, I head into one of the bigger towns, and hit up their Kroger’s or Walmart, but last night, with two puking kids at home, I made a last minute decision to head into the local mart for necessities.

I should have known there was gonna be trouble when Pearl told me to turn my head away from the screen when she rung up my seedless black grapes. $7.36. FOR GRAPES!

She must have known I was already changing my mind about the bastards when she started to cough and shiver a little, telling me how tired and cold her old self was, and how business was finally picking up there again.

Damn you Pearl, I’ll take the grapes.

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