I had the pleasure of eating at Yokos Japanese Restaurant last night before taking in a musical. I have eaten at Yokos enough that the restaurant is now the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the name Yokos….replacing the previous forethought of Yokos 24 hour Health Spa (which, I am convinced, is a place for hookers). Thank you for that.

Yokos is the place I love to go when meeting friends to chat. It’s low key, never busy, offers lots of booths, and the servers are friendly and quick. The sushi menu is quite standard, with prices ranging from $3.50 a roll on up. They offer a dinner menu, which I have ordered off of in that past, and was quite unimpressed by.

Last night I started with a glass of Reilsing ($5.95) (Which they kindly fill to the brim…yum), and I ordered what they have named, the 007 Roll ($9.50). It is basically a large California Roll, topped with shrimp and avocados. Getting your order is always exciting at Yokos, because they serve their sushi, not on plates, but on pieces of art. You order comes out on beautiful stone or wooden platters and dishes. It’s so gorgeous, you don’t even want to eat it, you just want to take a picture. The roll itself was delicious, however, not rolled very tightly, as it, as well as the rolls of my table mates, weren’t holding tight, and things got quite messy. But, it was quite filling, so much so, that I even resisted my urge to run down the lane to Coldstone.

I have always had delicious sushi at Yokos, but what most impresses me, is their service. The sushi chef greets everyone that walks through the door, and even after we finished our meals, the waitress was polite enough to indulge us, and our water glasses for an additional hour and a half as we stayed and chatted. I hate feeling as though I am being pushed out the door, and that has never happened here. They are wonderful at Yokos, and even our waitress remembered us from a past visit.

Sushi 4 out of 5 Chopsticks
Service 5 out of 5 Chopsticks

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